A number of Dutch schools refrain from teaching about the Holocaust because of resistance from Muslim pupils, teachers told lawmakers.

Smugglers who are moving illegal non-white immigrants into Europe, are promising that if they go to Sweden they will be let in quicker than any other country. 

History was made this past week when the Danish parliament officially adopted a motion opposing the ethnic cleansing of white European people by Third World immigration, and called on that country’s government to take urgent steps to prevent white Danish people from becoming a minority.

The lie that “poverty” is the “cause” of crime has been definitively smashed with the news that Beattyville, Kentucky - officially dubbed America’s “poorest white town” - has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, with zero murders reported for more than a decade.

Studies show Finnish boys to hold the most negative attitudes towards non-white immigrants out of 38 white countries, says academic, who criticises schools for not doing more to get youngsters involved in democracy and openly discuss social and religious issues. 

Supporters of the nationalist Golden Dawn have taken to the streets of the Greek capital, Athens, in an anti-immigration protest.

For the first time in 1,000 years a new pagan temple is being constructed in Iceland that will house a shrine to the Norse gods Thor, Odin and Frigg.

We are all repulsed by the scourge of the useful idiot and government sponsored ‘anti-fascist’ groups that infect our societies.

Based on two studies conducted by Northwestern researchers Maureen Craig and Jennifer Richeson, it shows us that hateful anti-White diversity policies will not last forever as we start to stand up for ourselves. 

London’s world-famous cockneys—once an iconic symbol of Britain—have been exterminated by the flood of nonwhite immigration into the UK, a new documentary by the BBC has admitted.

At least 500,000 “family members” of the fake refugees claiming to be Syrians already in Germany are set to be given “family reunification rights” this coming year, raising the number of “Syrians” now living off the German welfare system to at least one million.


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