The struggle to erase Swedish history, break down Swedish culture and force the Swedes to assimilate into the multicultural globalist phenomenon is going according to plan.

The Black Lives Matter Rioter charged with pushing down the Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina may be rewarded with a scholarship for her actions from North Carolina Central University.

“Our British culture is draining away at an ever increasing pace, and we are almost forbidden to make any comment.”

We are all repulsed by the scourge of the useful idiot and government sponsored ‘anti-fascist’ groups that infect our societies.

African invaders have been filmed storming a beach in the Spanish city of Cadiz, after crossing the 60 miles between that city and the North African coast—and then scattering before authorities could catch up with them, in a vivid demonstration of the mass Third World invasion of Europe, just as the official number of nonwhite invaders of Europe has topped 118,684.

A Jew vandalized a public area with phrases like “Let’s gas the Jews” and other so-called “hateful” tweets. 

Germany is not as safe as it was in the past. In fact it’s dropped 31 places, according to a biennial security ranking of different countries.

The white birth rate in America has staged a near miraculous comeback and was a majority of live births in 2016 - reversing a decade long decline - if the figures in the latest National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) report is accurate.

At least 300 Africans - out of a mob of thousands - broke through the border fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa, in an attack which mirrored the mass zombie attack portrayed in the Hollywood movie WW Z.”

A vicious attack by a nonwhite invader upon a fellow fake refugee in Germany in which the victim’s lips, ears, and eyelids were torn off, has been linked to an African “ritual” by investigators.

Third World invaders living in Sweden have blamed whites for the orgy of nonwhite crime in that state, saying that “racism” and “boredom” originating with white people is the cause of their unrest.

More than half (54 per cent) of terror plots in Germany have involved "asylum seekers and refugees" since 2014 and the onset of the migrant crisis.

At least 3.5 million Third Worlders have invaded Europe since 2013 pretending to be refugees - a number which is greater than the populations of Luxembourg, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, and Lithuania.

The German populace with a migrant background has hit a new record of 18.6 million people, the Federal Statistical Office has revealed, partially attributing the rise to the years of Angela Merkel’s so-called open door migrant policy.


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