A vicious attack by a nonwhite invader upon a fellow fake refugee in Germany in which the victim’s lips, ears, and eyelids were torn off, has been linked to an African “ritual” by investigators.

(New Observer Online)

The attack was also described by the local public prosecutor as something they had “never experienced before”—and is an example of the type of Third World behavior the “refugee” swindle is importing to Europe.

According to a report in Die Welt newspaper, the 19-year-old Eritrean attacked an 18-year-old Somalian—both pretending to be asylum seekers—last Friday at an invader center in the picturesque and formerly peaceful town of Schlüchtern in the state of Hesse.

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The attacker so severely mutilated his victim—ripping and biting off his lips, ears, eyelids, and stabbing him in the throat and eyeballs—that investigators have said that they are investigating the possibility that it was linked to some backward Third World witchdoctor ritual.

According to the reports, a local resident “heard loud screams” coming from the invader center and called the police.

Police entered the building and found the Eritrean sitting on the bloodied body of his victim, who was still alive. The attacker was arrested, and the victim taken to a hospital, where his condition was stabilized.

“This form of violence has never been experienced before here by the authorities,” the local public prosecutor, Jürgen Heinze, told media.

The extent to which the attacker knew the victim is unknown, Heinze continued, and the motive is still unclear but a “ritual act” was not being ruled out.

He said that the legal process meant that there would only be an indictment within two to three months, and a court case in four to six months. The attacker will be tried before the Youth Criminal Court for attempted homicide.

A 2010 report in Live Science revealed that belief in witchcraft is “widespread” throughout Africa, with a Gallup poll revealing that over half of respondents said that they personally believed in the existence of witches.

The report said that African belief in witchcraft has “also led to horrific murders and mutilations” in recent years. In 2008, a mob of hundreds of young men killed eight women and three men in two villages in rural western Kenya. The victims were accused of witchcraft—of having cast spells that lowered the intelligence of the village’s children.

Some of the suspected witches and wizards were hacked to death with machetes, or had their throats slit before their bodies were burned, Live Science reported.

In East Africa, at least 50 albinos (people with a rare genetic disorder that leaves the skin, hair, and eyes without pigment) were murdered for their body parts in 2009, according to the Red Cross. An albino’s arms, fingers, genitals, ears, and blood are highly prized on the black market, as they are believed to contain magical powers and are used in witchcraft.

The latest attack in Germany shows that the mass importation of Africans—who have an average IQ hovering between 60 and 80—is causing this savagery to be imported directly into the heart of Europe, and that the only solution to this growing problem is the complete repatriation of all Third Worlders back to their home countries.


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