Thousands of nonwhite invaders rampaged through the streets of Paris in a mass brawl between Afghans, Eritreans, and sub-Saharan Africans near the Stalingrad Metro station where they have been camping out for the past several weeks.

(New Observer Online)

It is not known what caused the brawl, but the nonwhites attacked each other with sticks and other makeshift weapons in the hours-long battle, much to the horror of local businesses and residents.

The fighting broke out after French police moved in to break up the invaders’ sprawling tent camp, which has fouled up the streets only a few blocks from the city center.

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The tent camp sprang up as the nonwhites flocked to France after landing in Italy, with the ultimate intention of invading Britain to parasite off the taxpayers in that country.

The most severe fighting took place on Tuesday this week, after initial scuffles between Afghans and Eritreans on Monday.

Up to 3,000 nonwhites have set up tents on the pavements around the Stalingrad Metro station, which is close to the Gare du Nord Eurostar hub. The local police have vowed to clear the invaders off the streets and force them into “reception centers” where they will have access to food, shelter, and toilet facilities, all provided by the French taxpayers.

A report in Le Figaro revealed that the nonwhites are ungrateful at this offer, and have already started demonstrating against their removal from the streets of Paris.

Chanting “social, solidarity,” and “police, no,” the invaders marched along the Avenue de Flandres waving a leaflet signed by “asylum seekers in Paris district of Stalingrad,” which demanded “sustainable housing,” “continuity of the procedure” demands for asylum, or “non-expulsion of migrants.” The leaflet was printed in Arabic and French.

“We live here; it is very difficult; it is very cold,” a 24-year-old Afghan named Mahmoud told Le Figaro. “We ask the government to provide housing and advance asylum applications.”

Another invader, a Somali giving his name as Hussein, said that the “police had removed the tents. I lived for two years in Calais, where I had many incidents with police. I thought the police in France were good,” he said, apparently now upset that he had been removed from the street camp.

The increasing chaos in France is entirely self-inflicted: the race-denying government parties follow an open-borders immigration and asylum policy which encourages the Third World to invade en masse.

Now, there are thousands of nonwhites overrunning France, and the ruling parties still pretend that it is all perfectly normal and that there is nothing to be concerned about.


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