This is an especially wacky story, but it helps to demonstrate to the general public that Germany is now a nation that is on the cusp of all-out civil war, with their own intelligence agencies apparently infiltrated by Moslem filth.


We already knew that their army was inundated with terrorists, but to now have operatives on the inside of organizations that handle classified material means an almost certain future of explosions, machete attacks, shootings, ficki ficki, and general death and carnage in the streets.

And for those who may be wondering if the title of this article is a typo, I have to assure you that it is not.

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The arrested suspect has been identified as a 51 year old male convert to the desert faith, indicating that we are either dealing with a “secular” Haji who went back to his roots (unlikely when the full cited piece is studied), or a White beta cuckold who may have been doing a little ficki ficki of his own with a random migrant sow.

Why else, aside from extreme autism that would have prevented such a lengthy career, would one convert to Islam and attempt to blow up colleagues in collusion with ISIS?

From Telegraph:

A German intelligence officer has reportedly been arrested over a suspected Islamist plot to bomb the agency’s headquarters in Cologne.

The 51-year-old official was said to have made a “partial confession” to the plot, according to Der Spiegel.

The suspect attempted to pass on “sensitive information about the BfV (Germany’s domestic security agency), which could lead to a threat to the office”, an official told the newspaper.

“He is accused of making Islamist remarks online under a false name, and offering internal information during chats,” a BfV spokesman said.

The BfV said the man “behaved inconspicuously” prior to his arrest. He had, since April, been engaged in gathering intelligence on Islamist extremists in Germany, Der Spiegel said.

Online chats were apparently found between the suspect and other Islamists in which he attempted to recruit them to the intelligence agency to mount an attack on “non-believers”, carrying out a bomb attack on the spy HQ “in the name of Allah”.

He used several different names online and his activities were uncovered about a month ago.

The man’s family reportedly knew nothing of his conversion to Islam two years ago and subsequent radicalization.


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