Thanks to the illogical and rabid vengeance of the Jews and their traitorous White allies, ancestral white aryan lands of Germany are now home to hordes of feral Moslem subhumans, who pillage, rape, and destroy almost at will.

An anonymous German writes on 4chan:

Bamberg is a cozy little town in the Franconian part of Bavaria. It is known for its vast cultural heritage like the largest medieval town center in Europe, the cathedral or the many churches. Also the food and especially the beer are treasured all over the world. Thousands of tourists visit every year and love the flair. It once earned the name "Germany's dream city".

We've always had a pretty high standard of living. Good jobs, low crime rates and friendly people. Basically paradise on earth. Growing up here was amazing, we could play in the streets all day, fool around without worrying and although there was the occasional black or muslim kid, they never caused any trouble and tried to fit in. Some even were my friends.

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All this changed a few years ago when the Bavarian state government decided to build a new huge refugee center in the eastern part of town. Around 2,000 refugees are living there right now, but the capacity is to reach over 4,500 in a few months. Over 5% of the whole population!

Since then everything went to shit. Crime rates skyrocketed and are as high as never before. Cars and houses are broken into on a daily basis, women are harassed and stores have to deal with theft and robbery, sometimes even violence. People are afraid of speaking out because they don't want to get labelled as nazis.

Now even the local media has to admit that the refugee center has created some kind of legal vacuum in a large part of town. Police basically has given up. Life sucks now. I have to think about where I park my car, if I can leave my apartment unattended and if my mother will get home safe.

The doo-gooders who welcomed them with open arms, clapping and cheering, are silent now.

This is the reality we live in, the truth about the refugees.


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