Behind the Anhalter Bahnhof lies Askanische Platz. Here, 69 per cent of the residents have a migration background, the highest share in the whole city.

(Blitz Kurrier)

For the operator Özgemir Gano (32) is not a problem. He likes his neighborhood: "I love the multicultural atmosphere," he says. "My friends are Moroccans, Filipinos, Afghans and Germans. We understand each other well. This has made us tolerant of the inhabitants."

"Of course we will take all pork products from the range in consultation with the parent company. Beef and poultry dishes are extended to 3-4 products. For example, for the" Salam Burger "with couscous and goat cheese or the" McDürüm "in kebab style." Said Gano. "In addition, we slaughter ourselves in our own slaughterhouse, of course according to the Islamic tradition. All the food here is halal, that is what our customers expect and that is what we guarantee," says the operator. More freshly it is no longer.

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In the "McCüfü" we will also offer shishas and replace chairs and tables with seat cushions," says Gano.

"Of course, all our operations are wearing a headscarf and two coworkers, and we also have a burqa together with the Berlin office, which is our religion and our target audience are Muslim men and women who are both the new Western world, with their old traditions, but of course we are hoping for many interested German visitors to bring them closer to our kind of eating culture," said the franchisee.

There were already tough negotiations with the American corporation, which is known for its recognition value all over the world. But the marketing department quickly realized that Islam is now part of Germany and that this target group can not be underestimated.

"At the start, we will distribute 100,000 vouchers in Arabic / German in Berlin, either for a cheeseburger or a halal cocoa," says Gano.


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