The mass invasion of Italy by Africans has allowed the notorious Nigerian criminal gang known as “Black Axe” to become established in that country - a group that is so numerous and violent that even the infamous Sicilian Mafia has been forced to strike a deal with them.

(New Observer Online)

According to a report in the Nigerian Pulse newspaper, the “Nigerian gangsters are challenging the Italian mafia in its home turf of Sicily.”

The reason for the appearance of the Nigerian criminal gang is, the Pulse report says, “decades of migration. These Nigerian gangsters slip into Italy illegally along with millions of Africans looking to better their lives.”

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As a result, these “these Nigerian gangs have been able to put a proper structure in place” to carry out their criminal activities.

The article then went on to quote a recent VICE News documentary on the appearance of the “Black Axe” gang in Palermo, Sicily - and how the local Mafia has decided to establish a working relationship with the Africans.

“With all that has been put in place, it doesn’t seem the Nigerian mafia will be wiped away soon. These gangs are getting a fresh supply of recruits every week,” Pulse added, pointing out that in one week in September, Italian coast guards picked up another 2,000 invaders at sea.

The VICE News documentary to which the Pulse article referred revealed that “Black Axe, a Nigerian criminal gang,” “slipped in amongst earlier waves of migrants, and established a lucrative drug smuggling and human trafficking network” centered around the Ballarò suburb of Palermo.

VICE News revealed that “the situation in Ballarò has become lucrative for the Mafia, who are in essence allowing the Black Axe to sell drugs here, providing they pay a pseudo-tax — known as a ‘pizzo’ — to rent brothel space and sell drugs on their turf.”

The African invasion has become so serious that Italian police have for the first time used powerful anti-Mafia laws against a non-traditional mafia organization — to speed up prosecutions of Black Axe members, and allow the courts to hand-down tougher prison sentences, VICE News continued.

The Black Axe gangs first made their appearance in Italy in November 2016, when Italian police arrested 20 members of the gang on charges of running protection rackets and human trafficking.


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