Whites made up 48 percent of all victims of US police killings in 2017 - compared to blacks (27 percent), Hispanics (21 percent) and “others” (4 percent) - once again definitively disproving the lies espoused by the anti-white “Black Lives Matter” group and its controlled media supporters.

(The New Observer)

The latest figures on police killings in America were compiled and released by the anti-white “Police Violence Report” organization, which tries to distort the figures to claim that there is a (white) racial bias to the shootings.

According to that report, in real terms as many whites are killed by police as blacks and Hispanics added together, despite whites making up 63 percent of the US population.

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There is no “distortion” in the figures—except in the obvious sense that the number of blacks and Hispanics killed by police is higher than their percentage of the population.

But, in true anti-white establishment fashion, this “discrepancy” is not blamed on the obvious fact that blacks and Hispanics commit more crime than whites, but rather upon the police for daring to tackle criminals regardless of race—and that they are therefore “racist” because they have to deal with disproportionally far more nonwhite criminals.

This is the same sort of anti-white “logic” which blames white “racism” for the higher nonwhite imprisonment rates. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks account for over 40 percent of the prison and jail population, with an incarceration rate six times higher than whites.

Even those statistics are however distorted, because, as pointed out earlier, the government crime figures class Hispanic crime and criminals as “white” crime, which means that the genuine white violent crime rate is actually below 10 percent of all such criminal activities in America.

This fact, along with the reality that whites make up most of the victims of police shootings, reveal the truth of the situation: that, contrary to the controlled media’s lies, whites are more likely to be victims of police shootings in America, and that the higher nonwhite interaction rate with police is exclusively due to the fact that the nonwhites have a higher crime rate.


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