Mohammed is now the most popular name in Oslo, also White Norwegians are expected to be a minority in Oslo in 15 years time, and a national minority in 30 years.

(White Genocide Project)

Recent statistics from the ‘Norska Statistisk Sentralbyrå‘ (SSB), has found that in Oslo, the most popular newborn boys name is “Muhammad“; the findings included ones of a similar spelling or variant. In Oslo, the Norwegian capital, the name belongs to about twenty thousand newborn boys, which is evidence to the severe amount of non-White immigration that Norway requires to genocide Whites by assimilation.

The SSB also reports that in 15 years time, in Oslo, ethnic Norwegians will be a minority of the predicted 800,000 residents. The SBB predicts that White Norwegians will be a minority in the whole of Norway in as little as 30 years – around 2045.

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In Europe, the name “Mohammad” has become popular also due to a high non-White immigration and birth rate. In 2011-12 the name was the most common of newborn boys in England and Wales. Across several cities in Europe such as Marseilles in France, or Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium, it is a very common name. It also ranks the sixth most common name in Spain.

Black countries for Blacks, Asian countries for Asians, Muslim countries for Muslims, but White countries for everyone?

It is very clear what these policies of massive non-White immigration and forced assimilation will lead to: countries that reduce White people to a minority group which is at the mercy (or mayhem) of the non-White majority. Deliberately turning a country full of people into a country full of different people is the whole point of genocide, including White genocide.

White genocide is simple to understand: when all and only White countries are flooded with millions of non-White immigrants, then everyone is told to “assimilate” (mix), the conditions, over a period of decades, will eventually produce a country that is full of non-White people, and has a minority of White people – also known as: White genocide.


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