Below is an interview with Edda Budaházy, sister of the famous Hungarian patriot, György Budaházy.

Swedish National Socialists salutes Adolf Hitler with a banner in Stockholm Sweden on his birthday anniversary.

The Express has written a piece about patriotic Germans in rural areas who are embracing Adolf Hitler.

Here’s a very interesting video about the Afrikaner community of Orania.

Non-White and liberal neighbors in a Tennessee community are upset about a resident flying a Swastika flag on his property.

The eurosceptic, anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats have surged to first place in the polls, as the Swedish voting public apparently become increasingly concerned by the growth of ethnic ghettoisation, rising crime rates and Islamic radicalisation.

Norht Dakota Police are investigating after a fire destroyed a church recently purchased by white settler Craig Cobb who has tried to created an Aryan enclave in the state of North Dakota.

Canadian man convicted of spreading anti-Semitic material online was sentenced and banned from posting publicly on the internet, but will not serve any jail time.

The jewish lobby welcomes Amazon move to remove “Holocaust-denial” books, offers assistance in identifying further through crime material.

Deep in rural South Africa, the AWB movement is teaching teenagers to rise up in defiance of Nelson Mandela's failed dream of a Rainbow Nation.

Nationalist chants bellowed from a loudspeaker and Hinomaru flags were waved at a rally in Tokyo attended by about 40 people following a young person dressed in military uniform.

Officers in Adolf Hitler's Waffen-SS are living in the United Kingdom and drawing government pensions, it has been revealed.

I suppose it’s probably for the best if Stormers avoid the Douglas County area of Georgia for the immediate future, especially if any one of y’all are thinking about saying mean things to the local area wildlife.

Hundreds of proud people attended the annual march in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second city that is also known as Kovno.


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