O’mei Szechuan Chinese Restaurant has been a favorite spot for many Santa Cruz residents and tourists, but now its doors have been shuttered after 38 years of serving excellent food.

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This had nothing to do with any health code violations, a drop in the quality of food, or any of the usual reasons a restaurant goes out of business. No, in this instance, it was discovered that the owner, Roger Grigsby, is a sinner against political correctness. He doesn’t support the state-sponsored agenda of White genocide, so therefore he is not able to do business.

This all unfolded after the events in Charlottesville. Some “social justice warriors” got a hold of everyone who had donated to David Duke’s 2016 Senate run and set about trying to ruin people on that list. Roger had donated $500 to the campaign, and so he came under heavy fire. The Yelp page for O’mei was flooded with 1 star reviews railing against the evil KKK/Nazi owner by people who never ate at the restaurant, local news stories amplified the “scandal” even more, and the liberal legions of Santa Cruz initiated a boycott of the establishment. A few employees quit amidst the concocted crisis, customers stopped coming in, and Roger was forced to put a note on the door announcing the closure of the business due to ‘slanderous and malicious internet rumors’.

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports Grigsby’s defense of his Duke donation:

"He is defending the civil rights of European-Americans, whites, defending them from attacks against them,” Grigsby said of Duke. “If you can’t see that in the media, I don’t know what to tell you. The very word, ‘white supremacist’ is an attack. Nobody calls Mexicans and blacks and Chinese ‘Nazis.’ They only call white people ‘Nazis.’ The idea there is to make guilt by association of two words. White people and evil Nazis.”

The witch hunt against Grigsby is not based upon any of his business practices or actions within the community, as O’mei has been a celebrated establishment up until now. Actually, it is fairly ironic that the owner of a Chinese restaurant with a multicultural staff is being held up as an evil “White supremacist”, and all the other pejoratives used against a White man who does not engage in White hatred.

"They spread the gossip, they spread it as if it’s truth. All the things they called me: white supremacist, neo-Nazi, KKK — it’s all bullshit,” Grigsby said by phone. “My girlfriend and my former wife were both Chinese. Anybody who knows me, it’s like the United Colors of Benetton in our restaurant. We’ve had every ethnicity.”

This goes to show the kind of pressure that can be brought to bear against anyone who goes against the anti-White orthodoxy in Weimerica. It is very similar to the New Jersey deli owner who was viciously attacked by the local and national media for puting a “White History Month” sign in his window, and even though he apologized to the PC police, he was still forced to close his business. The anti-White establishment is trying to make an example out of such people, so other uppity Whites with money don’t get any “bad” ideas.

This story also goes to show that White countries do not need to be flooded with hordes of non-Whites in order to be able to enjoy diverse cuisine, which is one of the often touted benefits of “diversity”. White people are more than capable of using recipes from around the world, and actually are often able to do a better job making high-quality “ethnic” food. Having eaten at a number of Asian restaurants in Santa Cruz, I can personally attest to O’mei being the best.

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