A mass attack by seventeen African “refugee”-invaders on two white women in the German town of Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, has become the latest nonwhite sex attack to rock that country following the Angela Merkel-generated Third World invasion of Europe.

(New Observer Online)

The attack took place near a park in the formerly picturesque city which had been taken over by the nonwhites to pursue drug trafficking.

According to a report in the Focus news service, three of the Africans were arrested by police after complaints were laid—but had already been released on bail. All of the accused are “asylum seekers.”

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The report said that the victims testified that they had been attacked by a group of “approximately 17 male persons of African origin appearance.”

Police said the attackers had come from a larger group at the park, had surrounded the whites and, after insulting them, had “grabbed the women on the abdomen, breast, and in the genital area.” Some of the Africans also tried to kiss the women.

All of those arrested were “asylum seekers” who had entered Germany between November 2015 and February 2016.

Two of those arrested had already had their “asylum” applications rejected, but, of course, had not been deported.

The women were only saved from further assaults and possible rape when a passing cyclist became aware of the situation, stopped a passing car, and managed to bundle them inside.

A report in Die Welt newspaper revealed that the three invaders were aged 18, 19, and 20 years. The three were known to police, and had been arrested for “other crimes” already, police confirmed.

The Stühlinger Church Square in Freiburg, where the attack took place, has become a crime hotspot in the city over the last year as the Third World invasion has gripped this part of the state.

Freiburg is located in southwest Germany’s Black Forest, and although heavily bombed during World War II, has a beautifully reconstructed medieval old town, and was a major tourist attraction in the area.

The incident is but the latest in a series of mass sex attacks by nonwhite males upon white females in Germany following the mass invasion of 2015.


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