In the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting, the media has portrayed “racist white websites” as promoting and inspiring violence against nonwhites, when in fact these websites typically reject such accusations in favor of peaceful solutions. 

(Daily Stormer)

The media completely ignores the fact that the vast majority of interracial crime is committed by nonwhites against whites.

What most people fail to realize is that there is a growing number of black supremacists that openly talk about how they would love to kill white people. These are the types of people who typically believe that blacks designed the pyramids, Jesus was black, and that there were great advanced sub-Saharan African civilizations that white people covered up and didn’t include in the history books in order to oppress blacks or something. In the above video, we see a perfect example of the average black supremacist’s worldview.

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Throughout the video, he details his diabolical plan to win the coming race war using ISIS style tactics. From 10:14 to 11:20 he talks about how he and his group of black freedom fighters will go to small white towns, hold white people hostage, and post up pictures of “big black bucks” holding a machete “to the throat of blonde haired blue eyed white girls.” From 6:57 to 7:58  he mentions his secret weapon that will “turn the tides” of the war… Soviet style black female snipers unleashing their ghetto attitude and directing it toward white people. From 8:20 to 9:10 he comes up with a master plan, raiding animal shelters and stealing dogs, cats, and birds to utilize against whites. Apparently he has been playing too much Pokemon. You can’t make this stuff up.

I wish I could just laugh off these delusional infantile fantasies, but the fact is, blacks did win race wars in Rhodesia and South Africa by committing brutal atrocities against whites, albeit with much help from the West’s sanctions, but still. I don’t believe a race war is coming to America any time soon, however the black on white crime rate must come to light and the myth that ‘all serial killers are white’ must end. According to PsychologyToday, black serial killers are statistically over-represented and under-reported by the media. I would be willing to bet that most of these black serial killers and interracial criminals hold anti-white views similar to the man in the video above. Many blacks do hate us, and they are lashing out to harm us.


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