Old residents claim Hitler ordered Art Deco block of flats to be spared from his Blitz bombing raids on London as he wanted to use it as his UK HQ.

The decaying bunker was once a war room for one of the most famous leaders in history.

An accomplished architect himself, Albert Speer Jr. struggled to distance himself from his father's legacy, remembers visits to Hitler as joyous events.

Austrian city planners unable to knock down the huge concrete flak towers built by the National Socialists have solved the problem with one of them, by filling it with hammerhead sharks.

The mainstream media is now citing a bizarre claim based off of dubious evidence that Hitler had a micro penis. They are also regurgitating the unfounded claim that Hitler had one testicle. 

An old field telephone from the 1940s, a Reich Battle flag and a map of Tobruk greet visitors to the newly reopened Rommel Cave Museum in Marsa Matrouh, one of Egypt's lesser known tourist destinations.

Austria's government plans to ban coded Nazi messages on custom number plates on cars.

A big Third Reich eagle with a swastika under its talons is such a symbol that it has been kept hidden inside a sealed crate in a Uruguayan navy warehouse for more than a decade.

Adolf Hitler's personal writing desk will be on display when the Saratoga Springs Gun and Militaria Show makes its return to the City Center.

A Canadian town says it will not remove swastikas from a public park because it has historical significance.

At the end of WWII in 1945, being a Waffen-SS soldier was dangerous. Waffen-SS soldiers knew they would be treated harshly, so they often buried things that would identify them as SS.

The SG-41, also known as Hitler Mill, was the successor of the Enigma encryption machine. Detectorists have now found a specimen in a Bavarian forest.

A photo album showing the Duke of Windsor meeting Adolf Hitler while on a state visit to the Third Reich Germany in 1937 is to be sold at auction.

In a bizarre revenge, the remains of Dr. Josef Mengele will be picked apart in "scientific experiments".


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