Even 70 years after World War II, the Jews continue to do everything in their power to demonize Adolf Hitler.  

It doesn’t matter how weird or strange the claims might be, they will push any idea no matter how bizarre if it means a chance to publish more anti-Hitler propaganda. According to the UK Daily Mail, a new documentary is claiming that Hitler was addicted to Crystal Meth citing documents said to have originated from American military intelligence sources.

 Interestingly enough, the documentary debunks other bizarre claims made about Hitler including the myths that he was a homosexual and lost a testicle during World War I.  These are themes that have previously been used to portray Hitler negatively.

Despite that, the Jewish press appears to be very happy that this documentary is providing them with fresh ammunition to paint Hitler as a deranged mad man.  Not only did he gas 60 trillion Jews and turn them into soap, but he apparently did so while addicted to Crystal Meth.

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In order to reinforce this idea that Hitler was a Crystal Meth addict, many mainstream stories are bringing up the television series Breaking Bad.  Towards the end of the show’s run, the bad guys are depicted as a gang of Nazis who manufacture Crystal Meth.  How a pop culture reference to a fictional television show produced decades after Hitler’s death is relevant in any way is unknown, but clearly the Jews must think it is helpful in pushing their anti-Hitler propaganda.

The real problem I have with these new claims is the fact that Hitler has been lied about so many times, that it is impossible to believe anything the Jewish media says about him.  Although I’d have to see the documentary to be 100% sure – my first impression is that the files cited are either inaccurate – or the claims being made about Hitler’s drug use have been exaggerated for political purposes.

Below are just a few propaganda articles I found from the Jewish press promoting this story.

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave


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