Italian Authorities Blocked Stormfront and Arrested Italian White Patriots


In a nutshell, Italian authorities have blocked access to in their country.

They shut down access to the Italian language subforum operated by its Italian members, and arrested four Italian White patriots. The Italian language subforum still exists, though; Italians may be able to access it by using a proxy based outside of Italy. In case Stormfront becomes temporarily inaccessible due to "high traffic", the media sources cited in the Stormfront thread include, GazettaDelSud and the Washington Post.

This appears to be a delayed response by Italian authorities to the fact that the group published blacklists of religious leaders, politicians, journalists and judges citing their support of immigrants, as well as lists of prominent Jewish citizens; in December 2011, prosecutors first launched a probe into Stormfront's blacklisting.

On Friday November 16th, 2012, Italian police instituted the censorship and arrested four Italian activists for allegedly inciting racial hatred and spreading anti-Semitism. The arrests were made in Milan, Frosinone and Pescara while 17 searches were carried out across the country, most in the northeast. Police claim to have confiscated knives, batons, and baseball bats as well neo-Nazi and Fascist propaganda, including pamphlets and banners emblazoned with swastikas.

Italian authorities identified by the Italian HuffPo article as involved in the takedown include the head of the Roman Digos, Lamberto Giannini, the Superintendent of Rome, Fulvio della Roca, and the Postal Police. Two other groups identified as involved in the investigation include l’Unar (Ufficio nazionale anti discriminazioni) and l’Oscad (Osservatorio contro gli atti discriminatori). They claim that the White activists and their organization were ready to progress from Internet activism to street activism, allegedly planning attacks on immigrants. The identities of the activists have been disclosed:

-- Daniel Scarpino, 24 years old, Milan
-- Mirko Violo, 42 years old, Como
-- Luke Ciampaglia, 23 years old, Pescara
-- Diego Masi, 30 years old, Frosinone

All four are said to have criminal records, although details were not supplied. They reportedly posted on Stormfront under the names of "Dani14", "NonConforme", "Antilife", "Biomirko", "Constantine", "Partenopeo", "Neocrack", "Evoliano", and "Republikaner". The authorities asked 100 Italian ISPs to inhibit the ability of Italians to access Stormfront. Seventeen additional activists were subjected to searches but were not arrested at this time; police say more arrests are possible.

A dedicated thread on Stormfront Italia indicates this first became a matter of concern with Italian Stormfront members on October 22nd, 2012. Some posters deny that there was any plan to attack immigrants, and claim whoever had the knives may have simply been a collector. They express their total solidarity with the arrested comrades, although it is too early to start any fund-raising campaign for their defense. One poster makes it clear that he does not hate non-Whites or immigrants as individuals, but the "rotten system" that has brought them to Italy and imposed them upon Italians.

(Posted by Anchorage Activist on White Reference Blog)

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