Tolerant Black Woman Screams “Dumb White Girl” and Sics Her Pitbulls on White News Reporter (video)


A Providence woman screamed racial slurs at a local news crew and sic-ed her Pitbulls on the female reporter as she ran down the street.

The reporter was bit on the arm before she escaped to a neighbor’s yard. The unhinged woman screamed “Get the f*** away from house you dumb white girl!” after she went after the reporter with a bat and dogs.

ABC6 reported:  An ABC6 crew was on assignment in Providence when they were assaulted in broad daylight. It started with a question that led to a violent response. The crew was on Public Street in Providence, attempting to get reaction from the mother of the teenage girl who was shot at a graduation party over the weekend.

Instead of declining to speak on-camera, Melissa Lawrence replied “OK, that’s good,” and then suddenly hurled a rock at ABC6 photographer Marc Jackson. The rock just missed the photographer’s head. The crew then started to leave, but Lawrence came out wielding a baseball bat. She then told her two dogs to attack.

You can hear the screams as Lawrence’s dogs chase ABC6 reporter Abbey Niezgoda into a backyard a few houses down. Lawrence yells commands to the dogs. Finally, Lawrence calls her dog back while yelling curse words at the crew.

UPDATE: Dog owner Melissa Lawrence was arrested and accused of assaulting the ABC6 news crew.

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