VIDEO: Anti-Fascist Idiots Attack Greek Wedding Thinking That it's a Golden Dawn Rally


Leftist scum attack Greek wedding thinking that it's a Golden Dawn rally.

Since the Greek minister of “Public Order” Dendias has given the leftists and anarcho-communists the green light to attack Golden Dawn candidates and supporters,  they have been running around frantically trying to attack before elections. In Thessalia they were intending to attack a speech being given by local Golden Dawn officials (Hellenic Dawn) only instead as you see from the video above, in their blind hatred for nationalists they mistakenly tried to attack a wedding procession instead!

They shout various leftist slogans about Golden Dawn and “Fascists” at the Bride and Groom and their families. The wedding participants understandably have no idea why and look confused.

Anarcho-Commies tried to disrupt the “Fascism” and instead the only thing they disrupted was a romantic day for a couple and their family.  EPIC FAIL.

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