Ex-Prussian Polish City Council Votes Against Stripping Adolf Hitler of Honorary Citizenship


A meeting of Szczecin city council voted against a proposal by the conservative Catholic PiS (Law and Justice) party to clean up its list of honorary citizens.

The PiS councillor, Marek Duklanowski, told the local edition of ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ that: “What we are attempting to do  is to finish the discussion as to whether Hitler is or is not an honorary citizen of Szczecin, and to decide what to do about honorary citizenships granted after the war to people such as Bierut and Rokossowski”.

PiS would like the President of Szczecin to set up a commission to decide the conditions for stripping historical figures of their honorary citizenships, thereby removing the title from some figures tainted with Communism.

One reason for the current interest in removing honors from unworthy candidates is an action during the finals of the Tall Ships’ Races in Szczecin in 2013, when someone unveiled a banner with the words: ‘Adolf Hitler, honorary citizen of Szczecin, welcomes sailors’.

According to the independent councillor Małgorzata Jacyna-Witt, recently the internet has been flooded with information that Hitler is an honorary citizen. “This subject is very important for our image,” she said.

However, before the meeting got underway, a document had been found stating unambiguously that the Polish state was not the legal successor state of the Third Reich, and that there was no continuity between the former German administration of the city and the current Polish one. This means that any legal acts taken by the pre-war administration are no longer valid.

The liberal PO (Platforma Obywatelska), together with the socialist SLD, opposed the proposal. “We should stop trying to rewrite history,” stated Bazyl Baran of PO. “They are all dead now, so let’s just forget about them,” he added.

PiS, however, are not in the mood to forget about dead people, and intend to raise the matter at every future council meeting.

The vote went 10 in favor, 13 against, with four abstentions.

(The Szceriniain)



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