VIDEO: Tolerant "Democrats" Rioted and Clashed with Police Because of a Nationalist Rally in Berlin


About 100 patriots were allowed to march 300 meters from their gathering point as left-wingers joined forces to stop the Nationalist rally in Berlin.

Thousands left wingers stopped a march by the National Democratic Party of Germany in its tracks, a correspondent from Russian news agency Itar-Tass reported from the scene. About 100 Nationalists were able to move about 300 meters from their original meeting point, the Jannowitzbrucke Bridge in the center of Berlin. All possible routes off the bridge were blocked by a consortium of left-wingers, trade unionists, anti-fascist scum.

As a result, the patriots held a short meeting where they were and after about three hours began to disperse. The police set up two cordons to separate the two groups, although there was some violence. Bottles and stones rained down on the Nationalists, which were hurled from the left-wing camp and the police had to intervene with batons and tear gas. A few left wingers were arrested and there were a few injuries, including among the police.

The local leftist press has dubbed the Patriots’ march, “the shortest march in history.”

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