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Islamist Flag Removed from Rochdale Town Hall after British Racial Nationalist Flashmob


North West National Front held a successful flash demo in Rochdale to protest against the flying of the flag of the anti-Christian Muslim state of Pakistan outside Rochdale Town Hall.

Over 30 NF members and supporters attended this activity, organised at short notice, with an encouraging response from local White folk. A table set up in Rochdale town centre by the Trotskyite 'Socialist Party' lasted about two minutes after we arrived with the scumbags running the stall packing up and beating a hasty retreat.

This decision by the Labour Party Councillors at Rochdale Council is a blatant two fingers by the town hall traitors in the face of the White victims of the Pakistani grooming gangs that operate in Rochdale.

Local shoppers stopped to listen to speeches and take leaflets as did a few Muslims who watched from a distance. After about an hour on the shopping precinct, the NF members paraded with flags to the town hall where they stood at the spot where the offensive flag had been erected (and now removed) as a final act of defiance against Rochdale's traitor council.

(The Nationalist Correspondent)

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