Scandinavian Media Censors the Gruesome Hate Crime Murder of Two Swedes by a Congolese Man


An immigrant from the Congo beat two people to death in an ally.

The suspect abducted a teenage boy from a residential home. A woman responded to the boys screaming. Both the teenage boy and the woman were beaten to death. Both victims are white. Almost all media outlets in Europe are censoring who the suspect is. No pictures, no name, and no mention that he is an immigrant from the Congo. Only one source gave the suspect’s name and then bloggers obtained the found pictures and information about him on social media.

However, if the races were reversed, the same media outlets would be screaming “racially motivated hate crime.” The typically politically-correct "the Local" tells us nothing about the origins of the perpetrator. But Avpixlat says he was a Congolese named Doudou Ahoka and provides some picture of him. Swedish newspapers have pixellated out the pictures of the perpetrator. The media in Scandinavia is extremely notorious for censoring interracial crimes against white people.

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