Brainwashed Grandchildren of National Socialists March to Atone for the Fake Sins of Their Ancestors


The Germans are incredibly sensitive people.

This is much of what made them great, capable of ruling Europe in a fair and just manner. However, now this sensitivity is being exploited by the Jews to lock them in a state of chronic self-loathing, as they are shamed for the alleged sins of their ancestors. The latest example of this Jewish program of exploiting the emotional and kind nature of the German people is absolutely cartoonish.

 From Ynet:

Seeking atonement for their relatives, the grandchildren of some of those involved in the Holocaust joined the annual March of Life walk this year as it shifted to Hungary.

Dozens of Hungarians joined about 250 Germans on the trek – a five-day walk along the route taken by tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews who were marched to Germany and Austria as forced laborers at the end of World War II.

Some 550,000 Hungarian Jews died in the Holocaust, including many of the forced laborers. This year’s participants reversed the route – walking from the Austrian border to Budapest, the Hungarian capital.

Frank Pfeiffer’s grandfather voluntarily joined the Waffen-SS, the military arm of the Nazi Party, while his wife Barbel’s grandfather helped build the electrical system at the Auschwitz death camp, including the wiring of its gas chambers.

At Auschwitz, about a third of its victims were Hungarian Jews.

“I have deliberately come on this march to ask for forgiveness from the Jewish people and the survivors,” said Pfeiffer, a 44-year-old travel agent. “As the grandchild of a perpetrator, I want to express how deeply sorry I am at what my grandfather did.”

The couple did not discover the truth about their relatives’ actions until about 12 years ago, when they began researching their families’ pasts.

“We are here with my husband to say the words our grandparents were incapable of,” Barbel Pfeiffer said during Friday’s remembrance at the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities. “Words cannot undo the events of the past, but we regret what happened with all our hearts.”

Last week, I had a drink with a college-age German girl. Somehow, the Holocaust came up, as it usually does with Germans because they are basically thinking about it constantly, defining themselves by it. I said something rather mild, “I don’t really believe Hitler would do this. He was a very moral person.”

She of course became upset, and said “it wasn’t just Hitler! It was us! We did it!”

How horrible this is. And I believe it is the majority view of the German people. Not only is the idiotic, entirely nonsensical story of the Holocaust true, but they are each personally responsible for it.

I still believe in the German people, and I think if this spell can be broken, they will once again become a force for good in the universe, as they were up until 1945.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

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