Ku Klux Klan Heads to Ferguson Race Riots to Guard White Businesses and Protect Innocent Whites


Last week, the South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan announced a fundraising effort for the white police officer who gunned down a black thug in Ferguson, Missouri.

Now the Klan writes, “With blacks out of control, we have our Missouri Realm going to areas near Ferguson. We can’t have blacks robbing and murdering innocent whites. I am on my way down along with members from three different states.” In response to a commenter in a previous post, a Klansman wrote, “We have guns (and more).”

To another commenter, they wrote, “We don’t want n*gger lovers like yourself around. You may have AIDS.”

In another comment he added, “We are raising money for a cop who shot a n*gger criminal.”

In their fundraising post for the police officer, “Brown was the typical low IQ negro. He was stopped by police and instead of obeying the law; he assaulted a white officer and tried running away. The Jewish media and black community now want ‘justice”. Justice has already been served. A black criminal is no longer walking the streets.”


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