"Germany for the Germans": Nationalists Hold Rally in Hannover against Islam Extremism


Looks like the German nationalists were able to hold their rally in Hanover after a court over-ruled the police restrictions. 

They actually had thousands of people march not the hundreds mentioned below. I find it funny that this article says that demanding Germany be for German people is somehow “racist.” The country is called Germany which means it is comprised of Germans. What is “racist” about that any way? And what’s “racist” about not wanting your country invaded by a bunch of Muslims? Either a Jew or some Jewed-out retard wrote it.

Either way, it is good that these demonstrations are occurring.We need this type of thing to spread.

From World Bulletin:

Some 3000 far-right extremists and self-styled hooligans demonstrated shouting racist slogans, while 4,500 leftists and anti-fascists held counter-demonstrations in Hanover.

Hundreds of Germans, self-styled hooligans and far-right extremists, gathered in a controversial rally in Hanover on Saturday.

The demonstrators shouted racist slogans: “Germany for the Germans,” “Foreigners out,” “Germany wake up,” during the “Europe against the terror of Islam” rally, organized by a recently formed group “Hooligans against Salafists,” an alliance of hooligans and neo-Nazis, also known as the HoGeSa.

(Daily Slave)

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