Spanish Fascists Hold Rally to Mark the Anniversary of General Franco’s Death (VIDEO)


Hundreds of Spanish patriots gathered in Madrid to honor the anniversary of the death of General Franco.

The good general died on November 20, 1975, making this the 39th anniversary. The rally was organized by multiple nationalist groups, including Nudo Patriota Espanol, Movimiento Catolico Espanol and Patriotas. The rally also marked the anniversary of the death of Jose Primo de Rivera, the founder of Falange Espanola, the party of Franco.

Rivera was executed by the Spanish republican commies on November 20, 1936. Falange Espanola was created in 1933, inspired by Mussolini’s fascist movement.

The rally took place on Saturday. Speeches were given by major figures from the right and various fantastic posters and flags were visible. These included signs criticizing the traitorous Catalonia independence movement.

Demonstrators marched from de Rivera’s place of birth (Calle de Genova) to Madrid’s Plaza de Moncloa firing red flares.

Many of the participants wore the Falangist uniform, a blue shirt with a yoke and five vertical arrows, a symbol of Spain’s unity. They sang “Cara al Sol” (Face to the Sun), the Falangist anthem.

The march finished at the Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen) where both de Rivera and General Francisco Franco are buried.

(Daily Stormer)

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