Protest Against Illegal Immigration in Florida


Florida is a hot place. Most of the time when you think of it, you imagine the streets of Miami, packed with non-whites, drug culture and hyper-capitalism to the tune of 40 story skyscrapers looking down at crowded beaches.

After the street action down at Fort McCoy, I will never think of the state that way again. We showed up at a shopping center near the main intersection of town. The place was so interesting with it's antique stores that I planned to stick around after it was all over to look around.

Everything was very neat, and everyone was polite, friendly and helpful. Of all the locals, I think I might have seen only one or two non-whites. From my travels, I've learned that there are pocket-white towns like this all over the South. That didn't guarantee that the public was going to remain friendly once the signs and flags went up though.

“Let's see if everyone here has had their eyes on the TV screen or the real situation,” I thought to myself as we got our signs together.

Happily, reality and common sense has apparently won out of North American Marxism in Fort McCoy. Never have I ever seen such a positive response from a street action. Normally, you will see a better response from the public from street actions because of certain factors. There is rarely any press there. People are afraid of the press more than they are the cops. Everyone has a fear that they'll be caught by the media supporting their people's interest. Then they think, they'll lose their job and hence any way to support their families. Now that's progress, right!? Cheaper than re-education camps! Or even better, an “anti-racist” thug will club them over the head and threaten to burn their homes down. During a street action, there are little to no police to protect the anti-racist thugs, nor is their much if any media to report people for thought crimes. The REAL picture shows during a street action for these reasons.

People were honking horns and waving. That was small fish in terms of support though. They were stopping their cars in the parking lot, taking pictures with us, and voicing their support. Another first for me was people giving donations. At least three people gave us $10-20 and two of them wanted an address so they could send more. This shocked me. Saying, “that is a good idea, thanks for promoting it” is free. Lots of people did it. But giving money or other tangible means of support is another thing. All this and we had in no way asked for donations. If we had, I thought, what would have been the response then? What kind of materials could we have produced for hand-outs? In the NSM, we all know how to make $50 go a long, long way.

Then there was the one “protester.” Out of literally hundreds of people who showed support, only one acted up out of protest. This individual was driving a PT Cruiser, denoting the fact that this person was an obvious homosexual. He screamed from his window from a safe distance, “Communists! Racists!”

Ironically, communism, the most bloody and genocidal ideology in human history, is the tree from which anti-racist thought grows from and bares its fruit. Perhaps a few hours on the sofa in front of the History Channel would at least help this individual arrive at the conclusion that National Socialism is the polar opposite of communism and his core ideology mirrors that of the communist himself.

The after party was a blast, hosted by the local motorcycle club at their clubhouse. We enjoyed a feast and felt good to be around people who knew the score. Around dark, we all called it a night and headed back home. The Florida unit had done a perfect job of putting the whole thing on, most especially Tony, Dave and Gary. Thanks again to everybody who showed up and did their part!

I have changed my mind about Florida. That is for sure!

Sergei Milankovic (

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