British Nationalists Demonstrate at "Muslims Only" Cinema


White people being turned away from a Muslim run cinema, for being White.

They were told to turn around and go home, because the cinema was only open for Muslims celebrating the end of Eid. Britain First thought they would go and pay the Star City cinema in Birmingham a visit, to let them know that this sort of behavior is not acceptable

VIDEO: Polish Nationalists Destroy Multicultural Antifascist Festival in London


On Saturday, June 21st, a group of 20 polish nationalists from Zjednoczeni Emigranci Londyn (Emigrants United London) attacked the brainwashed audience at a multicultural event called Music Day, held in Markfield Park, North London.

UK: White Women March Against Muslim Rapists in Scotland (VIDEO)


After a spate of 3 brutal rapes in a month by Muslims in Govan Hill and the polices’ refusal to take action,

the brave women of Glasgow organised a march last night through this dangerous ghetto. A BNP delegation arrived on the scene to show their solidarity with these brave ladies. The BNP is the only political party which has dared speak out against an epidemic of Muslim Grooming Gangs and the tougher sentences for perpetrators of sex crimes, while the authorities have done all they can to hide it and prosecute the BNP.

"Cleanse Britain of Parasites": National Socialist British Youth in Action in Liverpool


National Action is a bold new nationalist initiative formed by experienced youth activists.

Liverpool city centre was plunged into "controversy" when approximately thirty members of the newly formed political action group, National Action, held a demonstration against globalism and financial corruption, under the slogan “Cleanse Britain of Parasites’. The demonstration began around 1:00pm and was sufficient to cause a nearby table-top demonstration by left-wing activists to be hurriedly abandoned.

VIDEO: British National Socialists Protests at SA Embassy against White Genocide in South Africa


VIDEO: Swedish Nationalists March, Antifa Scum Steals Their Flag: Gets Knocked Out


The party of the Swedes who are the real Nationalist party in Sweden, not like the pro-Israel Sweden Democrats were marching in the city of Jönköping.

Large numbers of “Anti Fascists” needed to be kept at bay by the Swedish police. One “Anti-Fascist” stole the Swedish flag from a Nationalist protester but the Nationalist bravely retrieved it but sadly seems to have been arrested or at least detained by a Swedish police officer.

Australian White Nationalist Golden Dawn Supporters Clash with Anti-Fascists in Brisbane


Police officers put themselves between the opposing groups as they gathered on Queen Street outside the offices of the Consul-General of Greece.

Members of the Australia First Party organised a protest to show solidarity with the Golden Dawn. Their protest was overshadowed by a zionist-funded anti-fascist rally staged by up to 200 unionists and members of the group Antifa. The two groups first confronted each other on opposite sides of Edmonstone Street, with anti-fascist protesters yelling, "Immigrants are welcome, Nazis are not!"

Ukraine Nationalists Rally to Commemorate Ukrainian Division of the Waffen-SS


Ukrainian nationalists in western Ukrainian city of Lviv have held a rally in commemoration of the Galician Waffen-SS division created in 1943, despite a ban asking them to stop.

One attendee said "Their oath of allegiance was for Ukraine. They are our heroes and that is why we honour them every year." Past marches have led to clashes between marchers and Soviet army veterans and left-wing extremist groups. Also called the Galician division, the group was formed to exclusively fight Bolsheviks, but it still creates tension between political groups and affiliations today.

VIDEO: White Pride World Wide Day Rally in Wales Passes off Successfully


A great day out was had today at Swansea where about a hundred White nationalists from all over the UK gathered for White Pride Day 2014.

Everyone there was very friendly and there were people of all ages attending. The Reds had bussed agitators in especially to try and heckle us but they failed miserably, chanting their predictably weak slogans about Hitler and ‘the Nazis’ that are supposed to be insults, but in reality are compliments. As usual they showed their contempt for the victims of multiculturalism when we held a minutes silence and one of them even made a pathetic attempt to snatch one of our flags, before he tripped over himself and was escorted away by the Police.

Latvian Waffen-SS Veterans March in Annual Riga Parade


About 1,500 Latvians celebrated Legionnaires Day by paying tribute to World War II veterans who fought in the Waffen-SS.

After a church service in the Lutheran Cathedral in Riga, the capital, the marchers went to the Freedom Monument, where they laid roses in the red and white colors of the Latvian flag, closely watched by police and security guards. A few anti-fascist demonstrators, including from Germany and Latvia's Russian-speaking minority, protested at a nearby park behind police barricades, shouting: "Shame!" and "Fascism will never end!"

VIDEO: Greek, British, Spanish and German Leaders Attend Italian Nationalist Conference


Italian patriotic party Forza Nuova invited Golden Dawn, represented by MP Antonis Gregos, to an annual conference of European people’s nationalists.

Attending the meeting hosted by Roberto Fiore were Nick Griffin of the British National Party, M. Canduela from the Spanish Democracia Nacional, and Jens Sphosen of the German NPD. The conference was covered by the Italian state network RAI1, as well as many other networks across Europe. The presence of Golden Dawn was greeted with great respect, a highlight was when MP Gregos went up to speak and gave a standing ovation.

VIDEO: White Southern Nationalists Demonstrate in Tallahassee, Florida


On Saturday the League of the South held a demonstration in Tallahassee, Florida (see video below) against US Senator Marco Rubio‘s support for Third World immigration, amnesty for illegal immigrants and Southern demographic displacement.

The demonstration was held in front of the State capital building at a busy intersection. League members and supporters held signs reading ‘Marco Rubio wants to replace us’ and ‘It’s wrong to replace us’, flew Florida and Bonnie Blue flags and passed out literature to the public. Reporters from the Tallahassee Democrat and the Florida State University newspaper interviewed Dr Michael Hill, president of the League of the South.

April 5th, 2014: White Pride World Wide Day in the United Kingdom


VIDEO: If Treasonous Government Bans Golden Dawn, “National Dawn” Will Emerge!


The Imia memorial is held every year in honor of the three officers that lost their lives in the line of duty, protecting their home, Greece, on January 31st 1996 in a conflict with Turkey.

For the past 17 years, Golden Dawn and the Greek nationalists honor their sacrifice. This video excerpt is from the February 1st 2014 memorial for these three heroes.  The corrupt regime of Samaras has been expressing their desire to ban The Golden Dawn for some time. But that’s fine, for the resurgence of Hellenism in Greece cannot be stopped.

VIDEO: White Man March - White Nationalist Rallies Organized Across the Globe for March


Kyle Hunt is one of the leading organizers of the White Man March, scheduled for March 15, 2014.

He is also the host of “Blitzkrieg Broadcast” on the Renegade Broadcasting network. The White Man March “will involve coordinated pro-white activity around the world,” Hunt explained to this reporter. “The purpose is to spread information through activism, but also to make a statement that white people are united in their love for their race and in their opposition to its destruction.

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