Daily Horror: Jew Customer Received a Receipt with a "Sieg Heil" Salute at a Shop near Stockholm


A Swedish supermarket forced to apologize after the message "Don't Come Back! Sieg Heil" was found printed on two receipts.

Louise Stephan, a representative for supermarket chain Coop, confirmed the message was found on two receipts from a Stockholm location and the words were apparently added to the system manually by an employee. "I can confirm that this happened. It's completely unacceptable and we're very disappointed," Stephan told The Local.

 Stephan said the store is investigating. She did not say whether the responsible employee had been identified or what actions would be taken against the worker.

A woman identified as Kerstin told the Aftonbladet newspaper she was shocked to discover the phrase on her receipt after a recent shopping trip to the Stockholm location.

"Sieg heil" was a popular National Socialist greeting during World War II translating to "hail victory."


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