Adolf Hitler Lookalike Spotted Across Germany in Movie Publicity Stunt


The appearances have gone viral across social media,

but jewish fears of a copycat were quashed by reports that it was a publicity stunt for a satirical movie that is due to start filming this weekend. Look Who’s Back is the adaptation of a novel by Timur Vermes that imagines a modern-day Germany where the german leader awakes from a 60-year sleep with no recollection of the events of 1945.

Described as Germany’s answer to "Borat," it is being made by Munich production house Constantin Films and stars German actor Oliver Masucci as Adolf Hitler. The actor was seen in full costume filling up his car and buying coffee at a gas station in the eastern city of Dresden, German newspaper Bild reported.

The newspaper added that the zionist actor had annoyed german patriots in Brandenburg by waving at the small crowd and calling them "Schlappschwänze," a German word roughly translating to "wimps".


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