The Genocide of White America: 1980-2010


Washington Post has released a map showing how quickly White genocide has taken place in the USA.

“In 1980, nearly half of U.S. counties — 1,412 of them — had populations that were almost exclusively (98 percent or more) white. Thirty years later, only 149 counties — fewer than five percent — fit that same description. The maps below chart this transformation, decade by decade.” Demographics shhhmemographics . . . anyone working in politics knows that if White people become a minority, it will be brought about mostly by government policies and actions.

In 1980, the following shaded counties were all 98% White or more.

In 2010 – the shaded counties are the few 98% or more White areas left.

We accuse anti-Whites of putting these policies in place because they want a White minority. We accuse them of White genocide.

When we say they want a minority, we are not saying that it is some hidden secret whispered by a group that calls themselves “the anti-Whites”.

It is mainstream political policy, but it just has a nice name like “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, “new America” or “demographics shift”.

(White Genocide Project)

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