Zionist Government Unveils Laughable “Evidence” in Their Case Against Golden Dawn


The latest in the farce which is the Greek government’s case against Golden Dawn is just one of many but this one was “leaked” to the media and pushed as one of the most “shocking” of the evidence in the case file.

This video was uploaded to youtube in 2009, has been viewed by 1,200,000 people, and has nothing to do with Golden Dawn. It’s almost difficult to fathom that the system would actually try to use this to prosecute a criminal case, at this point the system has managed to not only reach the bottom of the barrel, but actually get under the barrel itself.

In English:
-Cool Gun
-You like it?
-Yes I do, show me how to aim it?
-Over there, a cat!
-Look, another cat!
(gunfire sound effects)
-an Albanian!
(gunfire sound effects)

As Golden Dawn’s Michaloliakos, Pappas, and Lagos sit in jail, renegade judges of the troika’s Junta have failed to show any real incriminating evidence to justify the imprisonment of these men.  In the latest endeavor to terrorize the public, they have achieved nothing but to provoke a mixture of laughter and rage from the Greek people, who rightfully see these liars and tyrants as responsible for the nation’s misery.

Of course, the prosecutors involved in the framing of Golden Dawn have forgotten to show the second part of this “terrifying” video:

The political persecution of Golden Dawn is not only illegal, but a mockery of our intelligence. The fact that innocent men sit in prison for their beliefs on orders of a corrupt legal and political system is an attempt to delay the inevitable victory we will achieve.

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