Liberalism be Damned: White Nationalism Rises in Sweden


Swedists continue to protest in demand of more Muslim rapists being brought to their country.

But something else is happening in the frozen North of Europa. From World Bulletin: While the anti-racism rally stretched beyond Stockholm’s suburb to other cities across the country, there is rising support for Sweden’s far right Sweden Democrats (SD) party, which has a history of Nazism and nationalism. One of the reasons behind SD’s increased popularity is its stance against immigration in Sweden which has been an immigrant friendly country for a long time, experts say.

Annika Hamrud, an author and expert on the Sweden Democrats, said the party has reformed itself and removed its nationalist and Nazi ties over the years, resulting in increased votes and support by the public.

Today, the SD secures 10 percent in polls ahead of parliamentary elections in September 2014, making it the third largest party in Swedish polls, according to Statistics Sweden.

The party garnered 5.7 per cent support from voters in elections in 2010.

By reforming itself and mobilizing public opinion against immigration, the SD has made it possible for people who are against racism to vote for them, said Andreas Johansson Heino, a political scientist and expert on integration at Gothenburg University.

Despite strong anti-racism norms in Sweden, Heino noted there is still prejudice in the Swedish society against Muslims and people from the Middle East, who constitute the largest foreign group in Sweden.

“Prejudice and discrimination against Muslims reflect Swedes’ lack of familiarity with other cultures and religions,” Heino said.

Yes, they need to get more familiar with these Muslims. Particularly the women, right Heino? They need to learn that their blonde beauty and sexual organs belong to the people of Africa and the Middle East.

But, the storm is coming. And Swedists such as Heino, along with his proxy hordes of rapists, must beware.

Dawns now the second Viking Age.

Swedism, we hardly knew thee.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

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