Britain First Invades Mosques Across UK, Demands End to Child Sex Rings


The brave lads of Britain First have invaded mosques across the UK and handed out pamphlets about the ongoing epidemic of Muslim “grooming gangs.”

This action was a very proper British approach to the problem of Muslim child-rape gangs, but bold action nonetheless. I sense that this is a first step in a larger plan. Once it is known that the Muslim community understands that their people are drugging, raping and forcing girls as young as ten into prostitution, and they do nothing to address it, then they can be held responsible as an entire community, rather than “a few bad apples.”

Britain First’s statement on the action in Bradford:

May 2014 saw the launch of Britain First’s Yorkshire brigade with a day of action in heavily Muslim Bradford.

Our newly formed units descended on around 10 giant mega mosques, madrassas and Islamic centres across the town to distribute British Army bibles and anti-grooming leaflets.

Our brave activists also invaded the campaign HQ of Bradford Labour Party and spent a considerable amount of time giving the local councillors a dressing down for their inability to fight Muslim grooming gangs in their community.

Finally, after the Mayor of Bradford declined a meeting request, the assembled patriots visited his home address only to find he was too cowardly to come out and face us.

Similar actions have taken place in East London:

We need more of this, every day, in every White country.

We don’t have time to stand around and wait for others to do it. Get out there on the street.

(Daily Stormer)

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