European and Municipal Elections: The White Youth of Greece are with Golden Dawn


Golden Dawn is now entrenched in the hearts and minds of the Hellenic youth.

The release of demographic statistics from the recent European and Municipal elections show that the youth is voting for Golden Dawn in numbers that are causing shrieking from both the communists and conservatives. The controlled media bureaucracy in Greece is functioning as the parakeet of the powers that be, afraid that Golden Dawn is not only here to stay, but bound to get stronger.

Statistics by age:

SYRIZA 39.5% , New Democracy 10.5%, Golden Dawn 21.1% , Elia 2.6%  KKE 2.6% , Potami 5.3%, other 13.2%

SYRIZA 25.5% , New Democracy 17.3%, Golden Dawn 10.2%, Elia 5.1%, Potami 9.2% KKE 7.1%, other 22.4%

SYRIZA 34.8%, New Democracy 13.9%, Golden Dawn 13.9%, Elia 2.5% , the River 10.1%, KKE 5.1% other: 15.8%

SYRIZA 32%, ND 12.9%, Golden Dawn 10.5%, Elia 4.3% , River 7.4% KKE 6.3%, others: 22.7%

SYRIZA 25.7%, ND 20.9%, Golden Dawn 9.9%, Elia 8.3%, etc

SYRIZA 18.5% , ND 37.9%, Golden Dawn 5.1%, Elia 14.5% , etc

The conservatives have been trying to interpret these results in their favor, by saying that the wise and old reject Golden Dawn and support the establishment. The reality is that the Samaras regime, with its abuse of MEGA and ANT1 channels has been terrorizing the nation’s pensioners with its lies and fear-mongering. The real explanation for this gap between the young and old is that many seniors lack adequate sources of free information and instead depend on centralized sources like corporate newspapers and the TV channels of plutocrats like Bobolas. Being the only party completely shut out from the media, one of the only ways to read Golden Dawn’s actual political perspectives without a saboteur middle man is to access our websites online, which many elderly people do not have access to.  Most of the seniors who voted for the Samaras-Venizelos junta most likely did it reluctantly, based on the climate of violence, instability, and fear Samaras has brought to Greece.

What conservative pundits don’t want to talk about, however, is how Golden Dawn is far more powerful than its general range in the 18-44 demographic. When it comes to young people between 18-24, Golden Dawn is the second strongest party in Greece. Another trend is the high rates enjoyed by Golden Dawn in rural areas, which averaged around 13%. This is explained by the fact that although the entire Greek territory is suffering from unemployment and poverty, the simple country man, deeply in touch with the sun, land, and other Greek elements, and having closer contact with his community, has even more intolerance for globalization than others. The Greek countryside has been alienated by all the major incumbent parties who either ignore them or work to destroy traditional Greek rural life.

One fact that is certain, after analyzing these results, is that Golden Dawn is now entrenched in the hearts and minds of the Hellenic youth and the rural man. This establishes a certainty that the only way Golden Dawn will go is upwards and forwards, and that the vote-riggers, tyrants, and violators of the constitution are only delaying the inevitable: the rise of a Golden Dawn for Hellas.

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