PEGIDA: 25,000 Protest in Dresden, Movement is Spreading Across Europe


Despite pleas from prominent German politicians,

the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) staged another anti-Islam protest in Dresden, drawing a record 25,000 patriots on Monday evening. Monday's protest was a tribute to the victims of the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris last week, with protestors wearing black armbands to signify mourning and holding a moment of silence for the deceased.

Protestors waved signs reading, "Stop the flood of foreigners now." and "My homeland will stay German."

Meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel, facilitator of the Islamisation of Germany and destroyer of the traditional German nation, had this to say:  "Islam is a part of Germany."

Ironically, Islam has never been a part of Germany nor has it been a part of Europe, unless their marauding armies have been attempting to conquer European lands and genocide European peoples (Greeks, Armenians).

The millions of Turks currently occupying German territory are descended from the Ottoman invaders who conquered large swaths of Europe, enslaved many native Europeans, and committed acts of genocide against the Christian populations of Greece and Armenia.

Never in the history of Europe has their been this many Muslims inside the gates, with the exception of periods of hostile Islamic invasions.

Communist Complicity

Interestingly, Chancellor Merkel failed to mention the firebombing attack on a Hamburg tabloid on Sunday that dared to reprint Charlie Hebdo's cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Furthermore, Merkel has pledged to march in a Muslim community rally today to "promote tolerance".  The march is also intended to oppose the expanding PEGIDA movement within the country.

After deep reflection as to why Merkel would disparage German nationalists and march with the conquering Muslim masses, I came to the conclusion that Merkel's Communist past has informed her anti-German actions regarding the PEGIDA movement.

It is a well known fact that Nationalist movements within the Eastern Bloc led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Merkel's experience as a Communist in East Germany surely contributes to her (and her cabinet's) panic regarding the PEGIDA protests.  She understands full well that Nationalist movements are an existential threat to tyrannical governments.

Merkel's leading role in the European Union, her insistence on the erasure of national borders (Schengen agreement), and the rapid growth of Germany's foreign population during her reign make her an easy target for German Nationalists who seek to preserve the German nation for German peoples.

Her role as Secretary of Agitprop (Agitation Propaganda) in the East German Communist youth organization (FDJ) should be a stark warning to all Germans who wish to live free in their homeland.  When confronted, Merkel claimed that she was "Secretary of Culture".  In typical Communist fashion, she stated, "According to my memory, I was secretary for culture. But what do I know? I believe I won't know anything when I'm 80."

Merkel is a highly-trained Leninist-Marxist and German patriots must be aware that she will use all of the tools in the Communist toolbox to maintain her firm grip on power in Germany.

There is a Trojan horse at the helm of the proud German nation, and she is intent on turning the German population into a multicultural jungle.  Remember, as any good tyrant knows, a nation divided on political, ethnic, cultural, and/or religious lines is much easier to rule over than a tight, cohesive nation.  Germans must take back control of their nation before it is too late.

PEGIDA Spreading

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, the PEGIDA movement is beginning to spread across the continent.  A PEGIDA rally was held in Oslo, Norway on Monday, with 200 Norwegians attending, the same number of protestors present at the first PEGIDA protest in Dresden.

PEGIDA has also spread to Switzerland, where it will be staging its first protest on February 16.  According to a report from the RT, the PEGIDA movement in Switzerland is growing fast.

The Swiss have already banned the construction of Muslim minarets and following the Paris attacks are seeking to curb Muslim immigration into their peaceful nation.  A prudent people, the Swiss are taking preventative measures to ensure Islam does not take root in their nation, like it has in France, England, and Germany.

Additionally, PEGIDA has also spread to Austria, a nation that boasts a Nationalist Party for Freedom (FPO) that gained momentum throughout 2014, as the threat of Islam within its borders became clearer to the Austrian people.


Despite a smear campaign led by the German media and the top levels of German government, PEGIDA continues to grow.  Pandora's box has been opened, and I am certain that the German Nationalists will not quit until their nation has been restored to its rightful owners.

Despite mass opposition protests, it is imperative that Germans (and other Europeans) keep a couple of things in mind:

1) One Nationalist is worth 100 leftists.  Those fighting for the survival of their nation will always be stronger than those fighting for a leftist ideology.  Just like the Spartans at Thermopylae and the Patriots of the American Revolution, a small, dedicated group of people can overcome colossal forces.

2) Take note of the protests that oppose you.  Not a single German flag can be seen.  They do not represent Germany, they represent the leftist, multicultural utopia that will destroy the traditional German culture and national identity.  They no longer perceive Germany as a home for the German people.  They worship the cult of diversity, and "diversity" will render the German nation an unrecognizable "Babel", a Balkanized monstrosity.

It is my hope that PEGIDA spreads far and wide throughout the European continent. The battle for Europe's future will be fought between Globalists (and their armies of foreigners) and Nationalists. The same can be said for America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As the world continues to destabilize, the time for choosing sides is drawing near. It is my belief that the Nationalists will prevail.

(Heresy Blog)

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