Golden Dawn's Michaloliakos: Nobody Ever Stopped History with Prosecutions and Imprisonments


“…And is written of doom the State
unless before the Sun rises
the sky makes the miracle and in the immature of the night
long-suffering sends his thunder…”

I. Gryparis – From the poem “Estiades”

On January 31, 2015 a large gathering took place in the center of Athens. A gathering, which was in its essence and its deeper meaning a ceremony of Honor and Memory for the three brave officers of our Navy, who fell in the blue waters of the Aegean defending our national sovereignty.

The thousands of Greeks, who took part in it, did not participate in a political gathering, but rather in a gathering, which was reminiscent of an oath. Those who were found in the place of this gathering on Saturday, January 31, 2015, which was a roll call of the dead, they embodied Greece, they are one with the homeland. And they showed with their strong presence that nothing is over for the Golden Dawn despite all the efforts of an entire system to exterminate the Greek Nationalist Movement. From my side I congratulate those who were present, proving through the tyranny that there are still Greeks, who do not compromise, who do not submit.

I did not have the possibility to be there this year, as in 2014 too, since our political prosecution continues, a prosecution absolutely unfair.  It is unfair and is proven by the fact that with minced words and without evidence and proof they keep us in prison with charges legally unsound, which cannot stand and cannot be proven in any case. With our imprisonments, the murders of our fellow fighters, the bomb attacks against our offices, with the political terrorism, the prohibitions and the anti-concentrations they wanted and still want to bend the GOLDEN DAWN. But, they did not manage anything and the greatest proof is the result of the last elections according to which the GOLDEN DAWN, with its leadership imprisoned for the second in the row electoral confrontation, is emerging as the third political force of the country!


As you all know government of this country is now SYRIZA and all reminds us of the days of 1981. SYRIZA of the components, of the former PASOK members even of the rightists “smells” of PASOK in 1981. So, then as now the people believed that a great change is taking place, that a historical change is implemented. And just as PASOK of 1981 never threw its bases and never brought any socialism, so SYRIZA of 2015 will be soon proved a friendly Memorandum government. Already within the first days of government of the country by the coalition government of Tsipras-Kammenos, the first examples of writing are shown.

Characteristic was the headline in the newspaper Vima Sunday edition, of February 1, 2015, reasonable title, which said: “Change before the compromise”. But how it is possible for there to be “Change” when this will inevitably lead to a compromise? But let’s see some facts from the first days of SYRIZA, which show where we are going. Let’s see first of all the position of the new government on the big issue, according to our geopolitical view, of the European Union penalties to Russia. After a “fireworks display ” that was thrown by the “comrades”, implying that they will even issue a veto, at the end they completely agreed with the penalties of the loan sharks of Brussels and lackeys of politics of Washington against Russia. No change then, and everyone is looking forward at the battle of impressions. There was also, the “theatrical” conflict of the new Tsar of economy, Varoufakis, with the Eurogroup representative, Dijsselbloem. A meaningless conflict that the eager to support the policy change of SYRIZA mass media presented in a dramatic way.

On the substance, SYRIZA’s Minister told Dijsselbloem that he recognizes the relations of Greece with the Eurozone and the International Monetary Fund, but he does not recognize the TROIKA! But what is TROIKA? It’s nothing more than a three-member committee, which is the intermediary among Europe and IMF and Greece. In other words, Mr. Varoufakis accepts the letter but does not recognize the mailman.

More reasonable is the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who in his interview in Bloomberg stressed that he recognizes the loan liabilities of Greece. No word, no reference on an audit of the debt. No complaint of the debt as unbearable, since all these loans which drain our country were not for the good of the people, but for bribes, contractors and suppliers. Indeed in Germany trials have been held and there have been convictions for the bribes of executives in Greek politics. Nothing is going to change and once again the people full of hope will be betrayed by false words, empty promises wrapped in a colorful glossy paper of a pseudo-revolution by some neo-Bolsheviks, who will soon bow their head to international capitalism.


But there are some who were not betrayed! They are the 388.447 of Greeks who voted in a completely hostile atmosphere the great hope, the Nationalists of the Golden Dawn and elected them MPs even through prison! Full of anger, Bolsheviks and neoliberals declared in the TV channels that no one is longer justified for their vote to the GOLDEN DAWN, since they knew very well whom they voted for.

It was summer of 2013 and the Golden Dawn after its electoral success of the summer of 2012 had doubled in just one year its rates according to the pollsters. They wanted to stop us. They imprisoned us, they murdered us, they prosecuted us. But, in a country that constantly rots and where their last hope for a historical fossil such as the left will turn off soon, it is fateful the GOLDEN DAWN to regain the hundreds of thousands of people, even from the prison. In vain their effort, since among the ruins they will bring, strong hands will be found that will upraise the Greek flags and the nationalist banners. They have learned nothing from the History, they did not understand that the Ideologists, the true Ideologists, were never stopped by the prisons and  prosecutions.

N. G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General
Popular Association – GOLDEN DAWN

Political Prisoner

(XA Ameriki)

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