Holocaust Skeptic Math Teacher Sentenced to Two Years Prison in France


In light of all the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ free speech hoopla,

the French regime just confirmed their fraudulent stance on the issue by sentencing a man, Vincent Reynouard, to two years in jail for his non-violent historical opinions concerning the ‘Holocaust.’ The ‘free speech’ sham continues in the Talmudic Republic of France.

From Basse-Normandie:

At the hearing on Wednesday afternoon at the court of Coutances, the accused said he did not want to "transform the grandstand court." Man has yet held the classical arguments of Holocaust denier, citing freedom of expression and lambasting the Gayssot law "unconstitutional" he said, which established the offense of denying the existence of crimes against humanity. At the helm, the former mathematics teacher who has already been convicted in 2007 on similar charges, expressed bluntly his convictions, claiming to follow the ideology of National Socialism.

At the heart of the trial on Wednesday, a video posted on the internet in which he challenged the existence of the extermination of the Jews of Europe and denounced the participation of Lower Normandy youth in Auschwitz study trips, in his voyages within an "indoctrination in the name of" duty to remember. "In this 45-minute film hosted on a far-right website, the author was attacking two memory associations and used images young people in the region who participated in commemorations.

If the defense of the accused raised no surprise, the judgment of the court has not failed to make an impression. Vincent Reynouard was sentenced to two years in prison, which is double what was required against him and incurred twice the penalty for this offense (1 years in prison). The prosecutor judging the excessive sentence appealed. There will be a second trial in the Court of Appeal of Caen.

The former math teacher soon 46 years was also ordered to pay 3,500 euros to the LICRA (International League against Racism and antisemitism) and 500 euros associations Overlord D-Day and Westlake Brothers Souvenir. The latter had planned to donate the money to an English veteran to finance health care. Finally, Vincent Reynouard was to pay one euro to the common Trevieres community.


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