Golden Dawn Leader Michaloliakos Publishes Defense in Greek Paper


Article of the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, published in the Newspaper “Empros” Translated by Golden Dawn New York.

The dirty political games behind the blatant political persecution of Golden Dawn... No! There is not even the slightest doubt that the government officials, speaking in regards to those who are so called “security authorities” have the slightest doubt themselves about our innocence. Despite this they ILLEGALLY and WITHOUT EVIDENCE incarcerate us in prison.

VIDEO: Golden Dawn’s Ilias Panagiotaros Says Ukranian Rebels are Working for the Jews


The only legal government that exists in Ukrainia is the one of Yanukovych.  If he is corrupt, if he is bad, if he’s not good, in the coming elections people should decide if he has to leave or stay.  It’s so simple.

Golden Dawn is not the same as the Ukrainian opposition, with the right wing extremists – fascists, Nazis, I don’t know how you call them – because we see that they are having a very good communication with the American Jewish community, which is the one that is attacking us in the first place in Greece.  At the same time, on the atrocities that happened there, they are not saying a word.

BBC News: The National Socialist Groups Patrolling Kiev (VIDEO)


Golden Dawn Candidate Polling in First in Most Populous Greek Province


The Greek newspaper  “Acropolis” has revealed a new poll showing Golden Dawn Governor Candidate Elias Panagiotaros will win 24% of the vote in Attica!

Note to foreign readers: Attica is the most populated province of Greece (comparable to a state) containing the major cities of Athens and Pireaus. Immense controversy and panic has erupted within circles of the systematic left and right, with Golden Dawn’s candidate leading in opinion polls in yet another important region of Greece.  Acropolis hired academic pollsters to conduct a telephone survey, who then broke the news.

Detroit News: "Nazis Next Door - Michigan is home to largest Neo-Nazi group in U.S." (VIDEO)


Negroes of Detroit murder each other in record numbers, but some white people from the suburbs walk around Detroit with flags, and it makes the jewish news.

Four Members of the Nationalist Slavic Union Shot Dead in Russia


On Tuesday, four former members of the Pan-Slavic Nationalist organization Slavic Union were shot dead on the Egorievsk highway in a suburb of Moscow.

Banned in 2010, Slavic Union, led by Dmitry Dyomushkin, is still considered the most active “ultranationalist” organization in Russia.  Dyomushkin himself visited the scene of the attack, and expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. Russians Alexander Shakirov, age not reported, Alexander Kuzmin, 32, and Kirill Kuzmin, 30, were among the dead. The forth was a Ukrainian native, 25-year-old Ivan Smirnov.

Thought Criminal Lawyer Sylvia Stolz May Face Prosecution Again for "Holocaust Denial"


Slyvia Stolz only a little over a year ago completed serving a 3 and 1/2 year prison term in Germany for thought crimes.

Her "crime" took place while, as his lawyer, she was defending another "holocaust denier" (Ernst Zundel) in court. Now 'the Jews' (yes, it's them for sure) are after her for daring to speak up once again. Her voice is too legally accurate, too reasonable, and too persuasive for their comfort. You can see and read Stolz' speech here. Please do so to educate yourself on the legal questions involved.

Marxists Planned Massacre: Car Filled with Machine Guns and Explosive Found Nearby Golden Dawn Rally


The Counter-terrorism office is employing an ongoing investigation relating to a car filled with weapons and explosives found in Paleo Faliro discovered after citizens sounded the alarm.

Within moments of investigating the vehicle, the following items were found:

4 Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers (RPG)
4 Rockets
Four S1 grenades
Four Grenade initiators
3 AK-47 Rifles
7 Magazines
2 Kalashnikov stocks
Boxes with gloves and hoods

Hitler's Mein Kampf Becoming an Ebook Bestseller


Hitler’s book was and still is one of the most authoritative descriptions of the Jews in modern history.

Most politicians in the so-called democracies and republics of Europe and America are too cowardly to speak frankly about the Jews. Instead, these politicians choose to be puppets for the Jews carrying out their agenda. This is why the United States fights wars in the Middle East for no apparent reason at great cost and this is why White nations all over the world are being invaded by Third World people –because the Jews want this to happen to cause the genocide of the White race through interracial breeding.

Austrian National Socialist Leader Gottfried Kuessel Jailed for Seven Years for Thought Crimes


A leading figure in Austria's national socialist scene since the 1970s lost a final appeal in the country's highest court against his conviction for "glorifying Nazism".

But Gottfried Kuessel, 55, who has denied the Holocaust took place and who has praised compatriot Adolf Hitler, had his jail sentence trimmed to seven years and nine months from nine years. Kuessel was originally found guilty a year ago for creating a "neo-Nazi blog" and website but appealed. Two accomplices also had their convictions upheld and their sentences cut on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Golden Dawn will be Victorious in its Struggle


VIDEO: BNP's Nick Griffin Defends Jailed Leader of Golden Dawn


Nick Griffin, Leader of the British National Party and member of EU Parliament, speaks out against the treacherous persecution of Golden Dawn in a joint press conference including golden dawners.

Nick Griffin is a close contact with us here at Golden Dawn New York and many of his party members frequently check this site for updates in English on matters regarding the situation in Greece. The attack on Nationalists all over Europe is a problem that brings us closer together.

Two more Politicians of Golden Dawn have been Arrested by the Zionist Authorities


While the suicides of impoverished Greeks is becoming a daily phenomenon, the occupational government still carries on the task of their Jewish bosses.

Two more MPs of our Movement, Germenis and Iliopoulos, have been arrested as a result of their opposition against the traitors and their ideas. Both MPs were held hostage for 7 hours respectively, standing in front of the modern Inquisition and being forced to "confess" their crime of being part of a criminal organization, while never mentioning any specific criminal act!

UK Man Jailed for 12 Months for Wearing Klan Uniform on YouTube


As the oppressive doctrine of political correctness becomes ever more intense in the US, at least we are able to look the the UK and say “well, at least it’s not there yet.”

In that once proud nation, a man has been jailed for 12 months for wearing a Klu Klux Klan uniform in a video he posted on YouTube. At his sentence, the Judge told Christopher Phillips: “It does not require advanced education or knowledge of history to know what you were seeking to convey might cause offense.”

Former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Joins U.S. National Socialists


The National Socialist Movement is pleased to announce a major addition to our Southern forces.

Steven Howard the charismatic Imperial Wizard of the North Mississippi White Knights has recently left the Klan after over a decade of service, and enlisted in the National Socialist Movement. Steven stated, "In the National Socialist Movement he see's the future for White Nationalism in the United States, and he is exploring the option of running for public office on the NSM Platform.

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