White South African Patriots Jailed for 5 to 35 years for Self-Defence


White nationalists who set off a series of bombs, plotted to overthrow the black racist new South African government and kill the tyrant Nelson Mandela were given jail terms.

This is the end of the first major treason trial under post-apartheid laws that many liberal hope will deter future radicals. The sentences for up to 20 defendants between the ages of 32 and 74, ranged from five years to 35 years. Some will be released on suspended sentences, while the leaders will serve the longest terms. Members of the Afrikaner self-defence group Boeremag, or white farmer force, last year were convicted of treason for a plot, in the late 1990s and early 2000, to violently overthrow South Africa's black communist government.

In Italy, Zionist Controlled Parliament Considers New Law to Ban Holocaust Revisionism


Zionist puppet members of Parliament of Italy introduced an amendment to the country's criminal code that, if passed, would make holocaust revisionism a crime, officials said.

The legislation was signed by politicians across several parties, including the "center-left" Democratic Party, the "center-right" People of Freedom Party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, ANSA reported. ''It would be a significant response to all those episodes of revisionism, alas all too present in Italy and in Europe, that seek to distort history and memory," said Democratic Party Sen. Monica Cirinna.

Moscow Authorities Ban Nationalist Rally after Racial Riots


City officials have revoked the earlier-granted license for an October 19 nationalist rally, saying they could not guarantee the safety of participants after recent racial conflicts in the district of Biryulyovo.

One of the organizers of the rally, the leader of the ‘Russians’ political bloc Dmitry Dyomushkin wrote in his internet blog that he and other organizers of the rally had been summoned to a district prefecture and informed that the previously issued permit for the rally had been annulled. Civil servants explained that they could not guarantee the safety of rally participants after weekend events in the district of Biryulyovo.

Anti-Racist Equals Anti-White Billboard Erected in Arkansas (video)


The following billboard was erected by a private citizen along state route 65 in north central Arkansas.

The sign was paid for by someone who says they are not connected to any organization and want to remain anonymous. KY3, a local news station affiliated with CNN ran the headline that the billboard is generating “controversy.” The news anchor alleges that the public is up in arms over the sign. They interview Layne Ragsdale, the leader of a local left-wing organization, and a homosexual college student who contacted the station wanting to denounce the sign.

Varg Vikernes to be Tried in France for 'Inciting Racial Hatred and Exalting War Crimes'


A French court has postponed the trial of the Norwegian musician Vark Vikernes after his lawyer requested more time to read documents and prepare his defence.

Varg Vikernes will now face trial in June 2014 on charges of inciting racial hatred and glorifying war crimes. The Norwegian was accused of planning "a terrorist act" after his wife, a licensed gun holder, bought weapons. French authorities later conceded there was no plot and the two were released.

Clashes Cancel Waffen-SS Officer Erich Priebke's Funeral in Rome


Catholic breakaway traditionalists from the ultra-conservative Society of St Pius X had agreed to hold the funeral of former SS officer Erich Priebke at their seminary in Albano, a town near Rome.

But mayor Nicola Marini and commie residents turned out to complain about the last-minute decision, following Priebke's death on Friday in Rome, where he had been under house arrest. "Assassin!" the protesters shouted as the hearse drove into the religious compound for the start of the ceremony, which was quickly suspended by a police order when patriots broke into the area.

Zionist-Controlled German Court Persecute Bishop Williamson for Thought Crimes


A German court threw out an appeal by a British bishop convicted in a high-profile case for "denying key facts about the Holocaust".

The appeal, which opened at a court in the southern Bavarian city of Regensburg without Bishop Richard Williamson present, marked the fifth round of court proceedings in the case. "The appeal was rejected," court spokesman Johann Piendl told AFP. The 73-year-old bishop was convicted of "incitement to hatred" after telling Swedish television in a 2009 broadcast that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews dead in concentration camps and disputing the existence of gas chambers.

National Socialist Flea Market at School Triggers Jewish Outcry in Spain


The flea market was held in Princes of Asturias gym on the weekend as part of a military display in Quijorna, on the outskirts of Madrid, local news site El Pais reports.

The event was organised by a Spanish army veterans group that got permission from the town’s mayor and Popular Party leader Meredes Garcia to use the school. When asked about the offensive items on sale, Ms Garcia said she "hadn’t spotted the swastikas or Nazi paraphernalia" when she visited.

Zionist Bosses of Greek President Praise Him for the Political Persecution of Golden Dawn


In a shameful display of servitude to international Zionism, Antonis Samaras makes them not simply stakeholders, but the sole manager of Greek political life.

The Zionists demanded the political persecution of the Golden Dawn and their obedient lapdog rushed to do it and then boasted about it! In a frenzy of anti-Greek hatred, Zionists of the American Jewish Committee, heard the president of the Greek government to announce that “the detainees of the Golden Dawn will be tried in a democratic way.”

Zionist-Controlled Greek Police Arrest Leader, Lawmakers of Golden Dawn in Soviet-Style Night Raid


Greek police arrested the leader and more than a dozen senior members and lawmakers from the Golden Dawn party on Saturday after the killing of an "anti-fascist rapper" by a party supporter triggered outrage and protests across the country.

Party leader Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, three other lawmakers and more than 10 members of the party were arrested on charges of founding and participating in a criminal organization. "Nothing can scare us!," shouted a handcuffed Kasidiaris, flanked by hooded police officers carrying machine guns on his way to face a prosecutor.

Golden Dawn's Paramilitary Division Trained by Greek Armed Forces


At Golden Dawn we have a full military structure with at least 3,000 people ready for everything!

We have about 50 phalanxes for street fights and about as many 6-man commando strike forces for organized attacks, under the guidance of three organization members. The strike forces handles special attacks against immigrants or reprisals against enemies of the organization. Whatever that might mean. Our training extends beyond what the people already know, such as the camps etc. We receive special training even with weapons in the areas of Rafina, Parnitha, Fyli, Porto Germeno, Mani, Central Evia and elsewhere.

Florida School Named after Ku Klux Klan Founder Refuses to Change Its Name


A Florida school opened in honour of Ku Klux Klan leader is refusing to change its name despite a high-profile campaign by the negro community.

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School was named after the first Grand Wizard of the KKK who as a Confederate General during the American Civil War. The school opened in 1959 with white students only and was given the name because white civic leaders wanted to protest a court decision calling for the integration of public schools. Today, however, more than half of the students are negroes.

Greek Nationalists in Action: Communists Protested After Execution of an Antifascist Rapper


The zionist-controlled Greek government has hinted that it will seek to ban Golden Dawn after the national socialist party was linked to the execution of a leading antifascist rapper in Athens.

As violence erupted on the streets and communists protested after the fatal stabbing of Pavlos Fyssas, a "prominent" antifascist, the public order minister, Nikos Dendias, cancelled a trip abroad saying "the government would table emergency legislation that would seek to outlaw the group". Amid renewed political tensions between the extreme left and patriotic right, the new law would re-evaluate what constituted a "criminal gang", he said.

Second French Skinhead has been Charged Over Commie's Death


Police have charged a second skinhead over the death of gay commie activist Clément Méric during a brawl in Paris in June, it emerged on Tuesday.

Samuel Dufour, a 19-year-old racial nationalist, has been charged with violence leading to the death of the commie, but without the intention of killing him, according to judicial sources quoted by French radio RTL. Investigators had previously suspected Esteban Morillo, another patriotic skinhead, of being solely responsible for landing the fatal blow on Méric during the brawl at Rue Caumartin on June 5th.

White Pride Activists Place Giant Sign Over Oregon Highway Overpass


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