VIDEO: Golden Dawn’s Ilias Panagiotaros Says Ukranian Rebels are Working for the Jews


The only legal government that exists in Ukrainia is the one of Yanukovych.  If he is corrupt, if he is bad, if he’s not good, in the coming elections people should decide if he has to leave or stay.  It’s so simple.

Golden Dawn is not the same as the Ukrainian opposition, with the right wing extremists – fascists, Nazis, I don’t know how you call them – because we see that they are having a very good communication with the American Jewish community, which is the one that is attacking us in the first place in Greece.  At the same time, on the atrocities that happened there, they are not saying a word.

I believe the last bit is a reference to Holodomor, and other atrocities committed by Jews against the Ukrainian people, which the “Nazis” of Maidan do nothing at all to address.  They don’t even address the fact that their revolution, headed by a Jewish boxer – literally – led to a Jew being installed as Prime Minister.

They don’t say a word.

The Golden Dawn is put in an awkward position here, given that the puppet PM of Greece is insisting that Greece supports the “Nazis” of the Ukraine, and thus the Greek people, who are particularly prone to conspiracy theories (both a positive and a negative attribute), are positing that because the Greek government – and America and the rest of the Jew establishment – are supporting these Nazis, that they must also support the Golden Dawn.

Dmytro Yarosh: King shill of the shill fake-fascist group Pravy Sektor (Right Sector).

It is just generally bad news for all of us who believe in the nationalist cause to have these idiots in the Ukraine running around wearing our sacred symbols while openly praising international Jewry

It at least appears that most nationalists have stopped openly supporting these shills, which is something.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

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