500 Swastika-Wearing Lithuanian National Socialists March in the City of Kaunas


About 500 Lithuanians, some sporting swastikas, attended a march in the country’s 2nd city of Kaunas.

Monday’s march was the eighth such event organized by the Lithuanian Nationalist Youth Union to coincide with one of Lithuania’s two independence days on February 16. According to the Jerusalem Times, the marchers met up in a local park, where around 20 counter protesters from the local Jews and anti-fascist groups also turned up to follow them in a silent counter-demonstration.

PEGIDA Movement Continues to Grow, 15000 March against Islam in Leipzig


Approximately 15,000 Germans marched in Leipzig, in opposition to the Islamisation of their homeland.

They marched under the banner LEGIDA, an offshoot of the popular PEGIDA  movement is quickly becoming an intercontinental phenomenon in Europe. The large turnout in Leipzig will surely alarm the German authorities, who thoroughly oppose the Patriotic movement, and who actively encourage more Muslim immigration into Germany. Furthermore, PEGIDA has now spread to the Czech Republic.

Nationalists Demand Freedom for Gary Yarbrough Outside the American Embassy in London (VIDEO)


Gary Yarborough, unjustly imprisoned by ZOG in a top security dungeon for 30 years was supposed to be let out in 2014.

But because an anonymous somebody made a few posts on an internet forum calling themselves ‘Gary Yarborough’ his parole has been refused. This callous injustice needs publicising in every way possible and a group of British nationalists chose to do just that, outside the American embassy in London.

Thousands of Ukraine Nationalists March in Kiev


Ukrainian nationalists held a torchlight procession across Kiev in honour of an anti-Soviet insurgent branded by Moscow as a "Nazi collaborator".

The march on what would have been Stepan Bandera's 106th birthday moved along the same streets on which hundreds of thousands rallied for three months last winter before ousting a Moscow-backed president. Some wore World War II-era army uniforms while others draped themselves in the red and black nationalist flags and chanted "Ukraine belongs to Ukrainians".

Golden Dawn Joins Nationalists in Forza Nuova Hosted Conference in Milan


On Saturday December 20th,

an impressively large conference in Milan took place in defiance of attempts at disruption by members of the Italian Marxist and Zionist underworld. Golden Dawn was present through the attendance of MEP Synadinos, who served as an honorable guest of Forza Nuova. The title of the event was “Europe: Strong and Free” and sought to create debate on the future of Europe.

White Nationalists from Around Europe Meet in Milan


For the second time in less than a month, white nationalists from around Europe met in Milan.

About 300 white people, among them representatives of Greece’s Golden Dawn and the British National Party and other white nationalist organizations, met at a Milan hotel on Saturday, according to local media. The gathering, organized by the Italian white nationalist party Forza Nuova, was intended as the first meeting of a new pan-European party called Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

Record Numbers Attend German Anti-Islamization Rally


More than 17,000 protesters rallied Monday in Dresden against the Islamization of the West, the tenth such demonstration in as many weeks.

The self-hater political establishment have for weeks grappled with the emergence of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, or PEGIDA, whose ranks in the city of Dresden have quickly grown from just a few hundred in early October this year.

VIDEO: More than 7000 Germans March in Dresden against Immigration and the Islamification of Europe


Germany has seen a sudden explosion in marches against immigration and the Islamification of Europe.

The latest occurred on November 24th in Dresden. The march was organized by a new group called PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West. Another group involved with the march is HoGeSa. This stands for Hooligans Against Salafism, and is a network of German soccer fan clubs.

London: Golden Dawn Support Demonstration a Roaring Success (VIDEO)


Yet again, British nationalists have assembled outside the Greek embassy in Holland Park, London,

to demonstrate our support for the Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn and to protest at the repressive measures employed by the Greek government in their attempts to suppress the voice of the Greek people. Surprisingly, it was a most enjoyable day and it was good to see such a good turnout of brave individuals to an event that involved for some a direct confrontation with Red counterdemonstrators.

Berlin: Anti-Foreigner Protesters and National Socialists Hold Rally against Mass Immigration


About 500 protesters, among them National Socialists and angry local residents,

protested in the German capital against the construction of a centre for refugees seeking political asylum. A large number of police kept watch over the protest march and over a large anti-fascist counter demonstration in the eastern Berlin working class district of Marzahn. The anti-foreigner protesters waved banners that read "We're fed up!", "Not here", and "Refugees from around the world, but no money for them".

Spanish Fascists Hold Rally to Mark the Anniversary of General Franco’s Death (VIDEO)


Hundreds of Spanish patriots gathered in Madrid to honor the anniversary of the death of General Franco.

The good general died on November 20, 1975, making this the 39th anniversary. The rally was organized by multiple nationalist groups, including Nudo Patriota Espanol, Movimiento Catolico Espanol and Patriotas. The rally also marked the anniversary of the death of Jose Primo de Rivera, the founder of Falange Espanola, the party of Franco.

"Germany for the Germans": Nationalists Hold Rally in Hannover against Islam Extremism


Looks like the German nationalists were able to hold their rally in Hanover after a court over-ruled the police restrictions. 

They actually had thousands of people march not the hundreds mentioned below. I find it funny that this article says that demanding Germany be for German people is somehow “racist.” The country is called Germany which means it is comprised of Germans. What is “racist” about that any way? And what’s “racist” about not wanting your country invaded by a bunch of Muslims? Either a Jew or some Jewed-out retard wrote it.

"'Stop Invasion!" - Thousands of White Italians Protest in Anti-Immigration Rally in Milan (VIDEO)


VIDEO: National Socialist Action on the Streets of Helsinki


The National Socialist organization Finnish Resistance Movement held a demonstration in the center of the Finnish capital city Helsinki.

The activists engaged in lots of positive discussions with passers-by. The main focus was on the international banking fraud and the growing influx of non-White ”cheap labour” to Nordic countries. We concluded that Finland must nationalize its banking system and separate from the European Union in order to create a healthy economy and combat the dispossession of the White Finnish workers and entrepreneurs.

National Socialist Movement Rally, Nov. 8th at 4pm in Rockwall, Texas


Take a stand with NSM Texas & Patriots from around the Nation.

Rally against illegal immigration, and in defense of the American way of life. Speakers will include: Commander Jeff Schoep, Capt. Harry Hughes, Capt. Brian Culpepper, and many more to be announced. All known Patriots and respected allied Organizations are welcome to participate. After event with Swastika Lighting and complimentary bbq on private property. Those who would like to attend contact: M. Sgt. Smith Region 7 Director at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Source:

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