Golden Dawn Joins Nationalists in Forza Nuova Hosted Conference in Milan


On Saturday December 20th,

an impressively large conference in Milan took place in defiance of attempts at disruption by members of the Italian Marxist and Zionist underworld. Golden Dawn was present through the attendance of MEP Synadinos, who served as an honorable guest of Forza Nuova. The title of the event was “Europe: Strong and Free” and sought to create debate on the future of Europe.

Also in attendance was MEP Udo Voigt of the German NPD , Stefan Jacobsson of Party of the Swedes, Democracia Nacional of Spain, former BNP leader Nick Griffin, and Frenchman Olivier Wyssa- a former high ranking member and councilor for Front National who resigned in protest of Marine Le Pen assuming leadership.

Representative and activist Synadinos conveyed a message of greetings from our imprisoned leader NG Michaloliakos, which made clear the urgent need for solidarity not only for Golden Dawn and Greece, but for the entire West.

The rebirth of spiritual values and the protection of the family, to us as nationalists, will be the first step in taking Europe out of its current decline. Furthermore, Judeo-American policies being implemented seek to attack these values with the intent of destroying the peoples of Europe. All of the guests supported Michaloliakos’ words and urged deeper cooperation between nationalists across Europe, as this is the only solution in the current system. The globalist enemy was understood to be indiscriminate in its persecution of authentic nationalism, whether it is in Greece, Sweden, Germany or France.

Another impressive attendee was Maria Teresa Baldini, who is a lead councilor in Lombardy originally elected with the banner of Lega Nord, but she has since distanced herself and become independent.   Baldini with courage and determination, steadfastly resisted the defamation by the media in regards to her attendance, while also ignoring attacks from certain “right-wing” democrats. She remarked that no one has the right to prohibit peaceful assemblies, and that all citizens have a right to express their opinions, and thus she fought hard to allow the conference to take place. The democrats, predictable and hypocritical as they always are, tried everything they could to abuse their municipal powers and ban the event, but ultimately failed.

When the speakers concluded, a persistent wave of applause filled the room. All of the distinct political parties involved renewed their insistence to continue pressuring government’s in their own country to bring attention to the situation of Golden Dawn’s persecution, while simultaneously mounting a legal case to bring about the release of our leader Michaloliakos and all other comrades held in prison for their ideas.  The beautiful evening finished with a discussion of Forza Nuova’s future actions. Only by coordinating and uniting can we bring freedom and independence to our people, and thus drive away the oppressors. For a Megali Hellas, in a liberated Europe!

(XA Ameriki)

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