Mein Kampf: The world’s most dangerous book?


Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf falls out of copyright in Germany at the end of 2015.

What will happen when authorities can no longer control its publication and distribution? A new BBC programme examines the "dangerous issues".

Wreck of Kriegsmarine U-boat Located in Java Sea


A group of Indonesian archeologists has discovered what is believed to be the wreck of a German U-boat.

The Kriegsmarine ship sank during World War II lying on the floor of the Java Sea about 100 kilometers from Karimunjawa Island. “This is a spectacular discovery in the history of Indonesian archeology. This is the first of its kind in the country,” chairman of the National Archeology Center, Bambang Sulistyanto.

In Germany, Fanta Ad that "Forgets Evil Nazi Past" is Pulled


The Coca-Cola Company pulled a German television ad for the orange soft drink Fanta following complaints that the commercial referred to the 1940s,

when the beverage was invented following an international trade embargo on the National Socialist Germany, as the good old times. The ad celebrates Fanta’s 75th anniversary, but conveniently makes no mention of the role NS Germany played in the bubbly drink’s initial creation. According to the ad, German bottling plants were forced to create new formulas during the 1940s since ingredients needed to make regular Coke were scarce at the time.

Art World Shakeup: Painting by Adolf Hitler Sells for Three Times a Picasso


Further proof that World War II and NS artifacts are on fire in the collectors world,

a watercolor painted by Adolf Hitler before he became Germany’s Führer sold at auction this week for $35,235, three times the winning bid of an original Picasso drawing. The watercolor of one of Vienna’s oldest Gothic churches, Maria am Gestade, sold for nearly twice the expected bid prior to the auction at Alexander Historical Auctions in Chesapeake City, Md., an international seller of historical artifacts and autographs.

Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ will be published in Germany for the first time since World War II


Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ will be published in Germany for the first time since World War II,

though scholars have heavily annotated the 2016 edition, turning the NS leader’s famous manifesto into an “anti-Hitler” text. Researchers at the Munich Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) have been preparing the edition since 2010 in anticipation of the expiration of the copyright deadline for the book, which comes 70 years after the Führer’s death.

Village Park Known as "Hitlers Walk" Since the 1930s to have Name Reinstated after Being Removed 10 Years Ago


A fishing village's park known as 'Hitlers Walk' since the 1930s is to have its name reinstated after it was removed a decade ago.

The old signs in Mevagissey, Cornwall were taken down in 2005 following a small number of complaints that the name was offensive. The decision by the then Restormel Borough Council to remove the signs was branded 'political correctness gone mad'. And the residents insisted the moniker was not a tribute to the german leader but was adopted in the 1930s in reference to a local councillor.

Legendary Tiger Ace Otto Carius Passed Away


Otto Carius, a World War II German panzer ace credited with destroying more than 150 enemy tanks, mostly on the Eastern Front, has died at 92.

Carius died at home in western Germany Jan. 24 after a short illness, according to a statement Friday on the website of the Tiger Pharmacy, which he founded in 1956. He was drafted in 1940 as an infantryman and volunteered for a tank unit, according to his autobiography, "Tigers in the Mud."

World’s Biggest Ship, Named after Waffen-SS Officer, Stirs Jewish Protest in the Netherlands


The Pieter Schelte, the biggest vessel in the world,

arrived in Rotterdam on Thursday, triggering a jewish protest to change the ship’s name, because Pieter Schelte was a member of the Waffen-SS. The ship is owned by Schelte’s son, Edward Heerema, and it is part of the Swiss-based Allseas group.

Adolf Hitler's Bunker to be Rebuilt in Germany


A museum is planning to rebuild the massive bunker complex where the Führer spent his final weeks.

And it will open this summer, the museum's chief told The Local.   "We're just in the planning stages – the architects are working on it," museum director Ingo Mersmann told The Local on Thursday. He hopes to have the model Führerbunker open to the public this summer. Mersmann intends to reconstruct five rooms of the Führerbunker where Hitler ended his life as Russian forces advanced on Berlin.

Revealed: Adolf Hitler's Secret Plans to Bring Aurochs Back from Dead


New TV documentary will this week reveal details of Adolf Hitler's secret plans to use National Socialist experiments to bring seven feet beasts back from the dead – 350 years after they became extinct.

The documentary claims that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists planned to recreate aurochs, an ancestor of domestic cows, that stood seven feet tall with giant horns. The massive animals, which weighed more than a ton, once roamed the forests of Europe and are often depicted in ancient cave paintings in France and Spain.

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