1941: Ukrainians Welcome Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS Troops as Soviet Atrocities Come to Light (VIDEO)


Ukrainians greet German troops as liberators from Soviet tyranny.

People in Lvov or Lemberg in western Ukraine welcome the soldiers as they enter the city. Mass killings come to light. Just before fleeing the city, Soviet police used axes, knives and firearms to kill many Ukrainians in the GPU police headquarters. Bodies of victims are carried from the GPU building and laid out for identification. Enraged civilians round up and take revenge on those who had supported the Soviets.

Ukrainians applaud as a Stalin statue is destroyed and a Soviet propaganda poster is torn down. This film report is from the wartime German weekly newsreel, “Die Deutsche Wochenschau,” No. 566 of July 9, 1941. German-language narration. Runtime: 3:54 mins

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