Jews Sob About Racism After Getting Kicked Out of African Union Summit


This is one of the funniest news stories in quite some time.

 A group of Jews were kicked out of the 23rd African Union Summit after a number of representatives from Arab countries threatened to boycott the event due to their presence.  The event resumed after the Jews left the hall where the meeting was being held. The Jews who were forced to leave are now sobbing about racism, anti-Semitism and other nonsense.

 Here’s one Israeli news source describing this situation as the worst thing to happen since 60 trillion Jews were gassed in the Holohoax or something.

From YNet:

The opening ceremony for the 23rd African Union Summit in Malabo was to begin Thursday with a declaration of support for the three kidnapped Israeli teens by a number of participants, until bad blood brought tensions to a boil.

“I have never seen such racism, such anti-Semitism. We were humiliated,” said several of the Jews in attendance, who had left Equatorial Guinea in a fury after changing their flights.

“It all began when one of the Arab delegates, from Egypt, approached us at dinner the night before the opening and asked what we were doing here, pointing at the men wearing kippahs,” said Israeli businesswoman Yardena Ovadia, who had organized the invitation of the Jewish delegation to the summit.

Ovadia, who has close ties with Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang, said that she explained to the delegate that her and her friends were Jews from the US, not Israelis.

The following day representatives of the Arab League refused to enter the hall until all the Jews left, or as they called them, the “Israeli delegation.”

“We were already seated in the conference hall,” said Ovadia. “The heads of the Arab League announced a boycott of the conference until the ‘Israeli delegation’ left. We officially declared that we were Americans, not Israelis, but it didn’t help.”

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