Incog Man: Apeman Burns Beautiful White Teen In Car Trunk


In a statement released Tuesday evening, Amber DeLoach’s family said it is mourning the loss of the “beautiful, loving and bright young woman with a zest for life…”

Just take a look at my montage above of the beautiful, but now dead and gone, Amber DeLoach of Savannah, Georgia. When a INCOG reader put in a link to this crime, I fully expected the perp to be another stinking apeman and put all this together even before the cops released the “person of interest” store surveillance shot (right). As usual, traitorous Jew media reporting neglected to mention his race when they gave out his description. The picture shows who police are looking for. Big surprise, huh?

Why did I expect him to be black? Because he set fire to the car, that’s why. That’s a clear indication a Negro did it. They think they are being so smart and clever, by burning the car they’ll eliminate forensic evidence and stay free. Same thing with killing the victim of a robbery or rape to get rid of witnesses (including others on the scene of the crime, even little children).

I don’t know if the poor girl was alive when the black animal or animals put a burning rag down into the car’s fuel line. She was in the trunk, raped, strangled, stabbed, shot – possibly even alive and still conscious. Imagine her fear as the vehicle turned into a blazing inferno around her? Imagine dying like that.

Oh, INCOG MAN, you’re just saying he might have burned her alive “because you’re a racist, White ‘supremacist.’ No ‘human being’ could do that to another human.” Uh, what don’t you get, multicult fool? Black animals do this kind of thing all the time to people in Africa, Haiti and even the USA. Back in 2005, apeman Stanley Bedford burned alive an elderly White couple in New Mexico. He put them in their own car trunk and, while still alive and conscious, set the car on afire — horribly burning both to death (medical examiners can tell by burned lung tissue from the victim screaming while engulfed in flames).

Now I know some of you might be thinking “she must have been a mudshark and got her just desserts…” Sure, that’s what might have happened, but we really don’t know the particulars. Even if that was the case, it’s doubly sad our children have now been so brainwashed by Jew media they allow themselves to get into situations resulting in this kind of thing.

Us White people are now getting it from both ends!

We can also reasonably suspect the DeLoach girl was raped. She may even have turned him down, which the stupid, violent animal construed as being “dissed” or “da white bitch be racist.” Because of Negro worship in the Jew media, these animals somehow think all White girls have to want these disgusting apes.

Hell, blacks in Savannah Georgia evidently are going off the crime richter scale (black crime is really exploding everywhere). Mob robberies, mob hate attacks on Whites, rape, robbery and murder — you name it.

This past Labor day weekend, two of these Georgia apes thrill-killed a young White couple at random (right), by blasting away at their car as they merely drove down a street too close to where the animals lived. The worthless, affirmative action black Chief of Police had the nerve to insult the dead Whites, by saying they were not so innocent victims. Huh? Yep. Everything is now topsy-turvy in Jewmerika!

If you pay the least attention to how sick and manipulative Jew media is these days, anyone with common sense sees all this pro-black stuff on a daily basis: From rap music to celibrity gossip rags; hollywood movies to TV shows, professional sports of all kinds – the stinking media Jews have elevated these violent, worthless blacks to ridiculous levels. You know it, I know it — so let’s stop letting the GD Jews jerk us around anymore.

Killed in a hail of gunfire for driving while white.

This is the multicult “paradise” subversive Jewry and their brainwashed multicult minions have unleashed upon White America. Most White countries where lousy Jews live are being turned into multicult hell holes.

And note, this is NOT just the occasional crime by these stinking blacks. The few things I write about here are merely the tip of the iceberg with this insanely criminal race. Turn on the TV in your local region and you should be able to discern (read between the lines) just how out-of-control these animals are now becoming. Hell, it’s been this way from day-one, actually.

I read about a dozen horrible crimes every week around the country committed by this foul, disgusting race. They are spoiled rotten, violent, murderous, militant, stupid, lazy as hell and sorrier than gully dirt. In short, they have been and are a millstone around this country’s neck.


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