Norway Deports Record Number of Muslim Immigrants


Norway deported a record number of illegal aliens in 2014 after the number of deportations started surging in September.

Norway deported 763 in September and 824 in October. These are big numbers for Norway, and the numbers are expected to continue rising. Norway made policy changes that streamlined deportations for Nigerians and Afghans. Illegal aliens from these countries are considered especially high risk for committing crimes.

Norway is deporting increasingly large numbers of illegal aliens who commit crimes as well. Left-wing parties claim the policy changes are “racist” and unfairly target Muslims.

The policy changes have been enacted by the ruling coalition which includes the anti-immigration Progress Party. The Progress Party has positioned itself as the “King Maker.” The same scenario has been playing out for years in Denmark with the Danish People’s Party. Other parties must make immigration concessions to gain votes from the Progress Party to get other legislation passed.

Norway saw a big shift to the right in the September 2013 elections for the Norwegian parliament, known as the Sorting. Centrist parties control 40% and left-wing/Marxist parties control 43%. Neither side has a majority without the 17% held by the Progress Party.

Ironically the Progress Party lost seats in 2013. The center-right Conservative Party also campaigned against immigration in the 2013 election to steel the Progress Party’s thunder. The Progress Party toned down their message to prove “we aren’t the party of Anders Brievik.” The Conservative Party vote went from 17 to 27%, and the Progress Party went from 22 to 16%. However, the left-wing lost enough votes that the Progress Party was put in a much more powerful position.

Denmark leads the EU in fighting non-European immigration. Now Denmark is offering payouts for non-European immigrants to return to their home country. The payout is based on the number of family members. The policy pays for itself in the amount of welfare saved. Many are predicting that Denmark could soon experience a net loss of non-European immigrants.

Spain has also begun deporting immigrants from Latin American countries for committing crimes. Thirty-four Latinos living in Madrid were recently deported. All thirty-four were involved in gangs and selling drugs.


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