Italians are Resisting Mass Non-White Immigration


The streets of Rome resembled those of Ferguson, Missouri, as the antifa protested against the rising star of Italian politics, Italy's Nationalist icon Matteo Salvini.

Mr. Salvini, leader of the Northern League party, led a crowd of 50,000 Italian patriots into Rome's Piazza del Popolo, protesting against mass immigration into the Italian homeland, as well as against the current left-wing Renzi regime. Those of you who view the 50-second video posted above will realize the desperate measures the Italian left is resorting to, as they fear a true Italian Nationalist movement is returning to Italy for the first time since the days of Mussolini.

According to reports, the violent, anarchic protesters who opposed Salvini were composed of leftist groups, gay rights organizations, and "anti-racist" groups.  Of course, it is "racist" for Salvini and his supporters to claim that Italy is a homeland for Italian people.  What a 20th century concept!

What is clear is that these left-wing protesters are opposed to Salvini solely on a political basis, as their Muslim allies who seek to conquer Rome by 2020 would never accept homosexuals, feminists, or progressive politics within their "caliphate".

Nonetheless, Italy seems to be on the brink of outright political warfare.  Nationalists are rapidly gaining momentum, as Salvini has surpassed the popularity of Sylvio Berlusconi to become the leading opposition to the current Renzi regime.

As a result, evidenced by the left's violent response to Salvini's march on Rome, the Nationalist-Communist street battles that characterized Europe in the 1930's may be making a comeback.

Salvini's Message

Salvini's speech at the protest included sharp criticism of Italy's current Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, as well as criticism of the European Union.  Some of Salvini's most interesting comments included:

"The problem isn't Renzi. Renzi is a dumb slave, a pawn at the disposal of some nameless person who wants to control all our lives from Brussels."

"I want a different Europe, where banks count for less, and citizens and small businesses count for more."

"Our main objective can be summed up in three points: no to the euro, retrieve monetary sovereignty, stop immigration. There is no more room for anyone else with the unemployment rates we have today. And finally, Italians first."

As you can see, Salvini does not pull punches.  He refuses to abide by the laws of political correctness, and most importantly, he places the interests of actual Italians first and foremost, while the left places the interests of the "new Italians", their new Islamic constituents, before those of the natives.

Italians are Rejecting Mass Immigration

The Italian people are clearly fed up with the European Union and their policies of mass immigration and open borders.  The Eurobarometer poll taken in November revealed that 75% of Italians are opposed to immigration from non-European countries, with only 18% in favor of such immigration.

As with any polls taken today in Western nations, it is unclear how many of the 18% who are in favor of non-European immigration are actually Italian people.

In all likelihood, a majority of those in favor of more immigration are probably the "new Italians" who have come to Italian soil to enrich Italy with multiculturalism, diversity, and Islam.

Either way, the tides are rapidly turning against the traitors, liars, and swindlers who have turned Italy (and all of Europe) into a bankers colony, controlled by Socialist bureaucrats in a far away capital.

And though some may brand the Italian people as "Islamophobic", this characterization is mistaken.  The Italian people remember the numerous historical Muslim attacks on Otranto, Venice, Siciliy, etc.  They recall the atrocities committed, forced conversions, forced slavery, and destruction of Italian cultural relics.

Moreover, the 2.2 million strong Muslim "citizen army" already present within Italy's borders must be dealt with.  They represent a Trojan Horse, a fifth column within Italian society.  The fact that we are living in a period of barbaric global Jihad amplifies the existential threat Italy's massive Muslim population poses to its citizens.

So as the Muslim hordes coalesce on the Mediterranean coast, with their eyes set on Rome, the Italian people are seeking strong leadership to ensure that the past does not repeat itself.

There is only one force on earth that will be able to stop the advancing Islamic hordes: Nationalism.


Clearly, the "center-right" is too cowardly to address the threats currently facing the Italian nation, as they are shackled by political correctness and financial interests stemming from open borders and EU membership.  If these self-interested cowards are too weak to take on political correctness, how could they ever be strong enough to take on the Islamic hordes and their leftist allies?

And the left is nothing more than an enemy within, working with their imported army of foreigners voters to undermine the Italian way of life and its cultural/social integrity.  This isn't just a view held by Nationalists, but by Islamists as well.

In fact, ISIS has called for an armed "combat alliance" between themselves and the European left in an eBook titled Black Flags from Rome.

It may be stunning to people that the European left be seen as an ally by ISIS, but recent history shows us that we should not be surprised by such an alliance.  In truth, many French, British, Italians, and Germans (as well as Americans) openly supported the Soviet regime both before and after the Cold War.  And the Soviet regime was much more brutal than ISIS, murdering upwards of 61 million people just in Stalin's 30-year reign of terror.

Most of those victims of Soviet brutality were Christians, but for some reason the enemies of Western Civilization who control our media rarely mention such details.  They probably just figure that those European Christians, murdered at the hands of Godless Communists, were simply evil inheritors of "White Privilege" and thus don't deserve official recognition.

As such, the Christian holocausts (Greek, Armenian, Ukrainian, and Russian) of 20th century Europe remain unknown to most, while the Jewish holocaust and European "Islamophobia" are constantly used as psychological demoralization tools against the peoples of Europe.

In any case, European peoples all across the world are slowly but surely awakening to the war that is being waged against us.  It is now apparent that we are engaged in cultural, political, and psychological warfare, waged against us by enemies of our civilization and of our heritage.

The tools our enemies utilize are mass immigration, multiculturalism, propaganda & demoralization, suppression of Nationalism, open borders, cultural terrorism, historical revisionism and Islamisation.

The result of our enemies' unconventional war against us is manifested by declining birthrates, "white guilt", the constant demonization of our ancestors, and the transformation of our nation-states into "multicultural states".

Nevertheless, brave patriots such as Matteo Salvini, Marine Le Pen, Paul Weston, and Heinz-Christian Strache are battling day-in and day-out to wage a counter-war against the enemies of our civilization.

Italy is a key battleground in this ongoing asymmetric war, and I believe that Italia is in good hands with Matteo Salvini.

Per l'onore d'Italia!

(Heresy Blog)

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