David Lane: The White Genocide Manifesto


Let those who commit treason with the Zionist destroyer, or sit on the fence, be aware.

If we are successful in our goal, expressed in the Fourteen Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children," ...then your treachery will be appropriately rewarded. If not, and the White race goes the way of the dinosaurs, then the last generation of White children, including yours, will pay for your vile complicity at the hands of the colored races who will inherit the world.

 Therefore, we, the aware body of those people identified historically and properly as the Aryan (or White) race, declare the following...

1) All existing governments in the once White political states now deny us hegemony and the exclusive territorial imperatives necessary to our survival as a biological and cultural entity.

2) The inevitable result of racial integration is genocide for the White race through miscegenation. The promotion of miscegenation between White women and colored men is self-evidently a priority in all existing system approved methods of communication.

3) White men who resist genocidal practices against their race are destroyed economically, politically and socially. If they continue to effectively resist they are assassinated or falsely imprisoned.

4) The life of a race is in the wombs of its women, and today approximately 2% of the earth's population is White female of child-bearing age, this being the essential demographic statistic relative to survival.

5) That economic, political and religious systems can be destroyed and resurrected, but the death of our race will be eternal.

6) That the instinct of White men to preserve the beauty of their women and a future for White children on this earth is ordained by Nature and Nature's God.

7) That all Western nations are ruled by a Zionist conspiracy to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race.

8) That America is the world, Zionist police department. America's military and police powers are used to destroy every White racial state or territorial imperative on the globe. Examples are the forced integration of Southern schools by the 101st Airborne using bayonets, the use of clubs by police under Federal edicts to beat and bloody the White mothers of South Boston when they protested the integration and destruction of their neighborhood schools, and the destruction of a White racial state in our ancient European homeland through war and subsequent occupation by colored troops. This is after Germany attempted to perform its historic function as defender of the race, as demonstrated against the invading Moors and Mongols.

9) That the denial of jobs to White men through so-called affirmative action and other nefarious schemes by result decreases White families and our population.

10) That multi-racial sports, entertainment and integration are designed to destroy the senses of uniqueness and value necessary to the survival of our race.

11) That history is being re-written to obscure the accomplishments of our ancestors and credit them to colored races.

12) That Judeo-Christianity is dedicated to the concept of racial leveling the oneness of mankind and, therefore, genocide.

13) That the Zionist occupation governments of America and other Western nations promote the unnatural act of homosexuality, knowing full well the power of the male instinct for sexual union must be directed toward procreation with females of the same race to ensure racial survival.

14) That the Zionist occupation governments of America and other Western nations promote and protect infanticide of healthy White babies, now called abortion, immensely to the detriment of the race.

In light of these and innumerable crimes against the collective White race, as well as the self-evident policy of genocide, we hereby forswear allegiance or support for our executioners' institutions. In obedience to Nature's Laws and recognizing that Nature and her Laws are the work of God, whatever a man's understanding of the Creator might be, and that the highest law is the preservation of one's own kind, we further demand the formation of exclusive White homelands on the North American continent and in Europe. If denied, then we will seek redress in whatever measures are necessary.

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